Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bush Rapes America With Nuclear, Now Wants To Rape Alaskan Wilderness

As the NRC, Entergy, NuStart, CASEnergy and others try to sell the American Public the propaganda that Nuclear is Green, George W. Bush, the mastermind of this fabricated untruth is working to further RAPE America's environment by opening up the fragile eco structure of Alaska to drilling. Despite Bristal Bay being home to endangered Whales, despite recent announcements of two species going EXTINCT, Bush just does not care. But then, any one caring about the environment, anyone concerned with the very real reality of Global Warming knows that Bush is the Anti Christ himself when it comes to smart, green, clean environmental policy.

Bush backs Alaskan oil drilling The Bastard!

The US argues the area would help its energy security
US President George W Bush has lifted a ban on oil and gas drilling in an Alaskan Bay known for its wildlife. Before any drilling, there will be scope for studies and public comment said the Interior Department, which stressed the need for energy security.

Home to endangered whales, the Bristol Bay is thought to contain some 200 million barrels of oil.

The news comes as a trans-Alaska pipeline was shut down after some 500 gallons of crude oil were spilled.

The spill came from a section above ground in the Brooks Range in northern Alaska, due to a faulty weld, and it remains unknown how long the shutdown will last.

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