Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas NUKE NEWS....ENTERGY's INDIAN POINT Under The Microscope?

Dust off the DANCING SHOES as the fight is on as a one time legend rejoins the fight as against failing Nuclear Reactors such as those located at Entergy's Indian Point. Ring the know, the ones Indian Point has that do not work half the time, as the grassroots is about to mobilize in a massive effort to shut down this failing facility. This in from NUMEROUS BLOGS, and about to go Global, as in Global Nuclear Fuel who just had a major accident COVERED UP under a conveniently created Exclusionary Zone...they are important in all this, as it just so happens that ENTERGY recently signed a HUGE DEAL with these folks! Stay tuned folks, fasten the seat belts as this roller coaster ride is about to get FUN.

Monday, December 25, 2006
Entergy Watch Calls on John Hall, Maurice Hinchey To Hold Citizen Hearings On Entergy's Indian Point

Nothing like getting the word out and ready for consumption on Christmas...with Entergy trying to wrongly RELICENSE the decripidly antequated and failing Nuclear Reactors on their Indian Point site, Entergy Watch has officially challenged these two Congressman to hold CITIZEN HEARINGS on Indian Point...time for John Hall to start bringing his campaign promises home.

Monday, December 25, 2006
WOW....Christmas Day Video SLAMS Indian Point Relicensing

Just in from Washington Scandal, a new hard hitting video on the deploring and decaying Indian Point Reactors, and the Entergy wrong sighted plan to have the NRC relicense these nuclear accident time bombs. The time has come for concerned citizens, as well as all ANTI NUKE groups to unite under the common cause of SHUTTING DOWN INDIAN that end, Entergy Watch invites ALL groups opposing Indian Point that would like a link on this site to email said link to so that we can get you listed on our side bar. Further, we call on John Hall, Maurice Hinchey and any other Congressman members with a heart, and with concern for human health and the environment to hold IMMEDIATE CITIZEN HEARINGS in the affected CIRCLE OF DEATH, or as it has now been dubbed, the Triangle of Death (representing the three reactors).

Monday, December 25, 2006 Entergy's Indian Point-A Christmas Day Video Present...SHUT THEM DOWN

With the recent accident involving a truck load of Fuel Grade Enriched Uranium Oxide from Kurihama Japan this past week, the time has come for America to wake up to the REALITY that we are one accident away from our own Nuclear Holocaust, a nuclear death zone of biblical proportions, far worse than Chernobyl or even Hiroshima. Indian Point's spent nuclear fuel rod storage facilities ARE LEAKING, and NRC records and Entergy's own documents admit to cracks in the reactor domes...yet, they want to relicense them. The time has come to just say no.

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