Thursday, November 30, 2006

Protections From Enron Era To Be Rolled Back?

We all remember the horrors of the Enron collapse five years ago, it was only a scant few months ago that some of the sage came to a close. Investors lost millions, many older Americans lost their retirement nest eggs, and in the aftermath Congress passed legislation to keep such a tragedy from happening again...or did they?

It seems that business lobbyist, special interest money from the investment world who represent the ULTRA rich are lining up to push for a change, that change being a roll back to the GOOD OLD DAYS. In short, they want much of the regulations eliminated, want those nettlesome (good word) private citizen lawsuits done away with. In short, they want the right to rape, screw and take advantage of small investors, a return to investment selling with no accountability and no protections for the small guy.

Middle America, be very, very AFRAID, and write your elected Representatives.

Five Years After Enron, Firms Seek Weaker Rules

By Carrie Johnson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 29, 2006; Page A01

Business interests, seizing on concerns that a law passed in the wake of the Enron scandal has overreached, are advancing a broad agenda to limit government oversight of private industry, including making it tougher for investors to sue companies and auditors for fraud.

A group that has drawn support from Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. plans to issue a report tomorrow that argues that the United States may be losing its preeminent position in global capital markets to foreign stock exchanges because of costly regulations and nettlesome private lawsuits.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Australia About to Be Raped?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Australia's Aboriginal Lands Being Forced To Play Host To World's Spent Nuclear Fuel?

As an American living within the ten mile circle of death associated with the faulty, problem plagued, dilapidated facility that is Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, I am somewhat familiar with Nuclear Power and the dismal record of the regulatory agency (NRC) sworn to protect human health and the environment. When a licensee cannot meet a deadline, it is moved back, when they cannot meet a section of the 10CFR rules and regulations, the NRC grants them an exemption from the rules. In short, the nuclear industry is propped up by hidden financial support via our taxes, and laws that excuse the industry from the costs should and incident of enormous proportions ever could compare the Nuclear Industry to the War on Terror, in that the nuclear industry has to be right on important issues 100 percent of the time, and looking at the litany of violations Entergy is guilty of, it is only a matter of time, a proverbial ticking time bomb waiting to explode, raining down ruination and death on hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent Americans.

It is this set of facts, coupled with my own knowledge regarding America's failed attempts at sighting a long term radioactive waste disposal facility that causes me to issue a call of warning to the citizens of is my belief, that your nation, the Aboriginal lands are being set up to act as the Nuclear Waste Dump for the entire world's nuclear industry. A far fetched claim...hardly. Let's look at some disturbing facts regarding America's own attempts to site a storage facility.

The DOD, DOE and the NRC at one point moved forward with the concept of dividing America into compacts....groups of states paired together to deal with their own nuclear waste streams, with each state in the compact taking turns building and hosting a storage facility for a set period of years. One of these compacts was call the Midwest Compact, that would have served several Midwestern states including Ohio, who had by decree, was to be the first host state for such a compact. It did not matter what facts, what proof the environmental movement put forward, the compact led by Mr. Larson was determined to site the disposal facility at all costs. The Midwest Compact was killed, the group disbanded only after certain embarrassing documents were made public that showed the governments TRUE PLAN....get between 1-3 sites approved and constructed, then through newly introduced legislation change them into permanent long term storage facilities for the entire do I know this? I was the one who found some of those documents, one of the ones who broke them to the news media. The FIX was in, and it would have worked had the dirty truth not come out into the public domain.

It's interesting that one Senator Bayl from Indiana supports a plan by which America would become the nuclear fuel rod supplier to the world, considering that his state was a member of this dishonest and deceitful action to site a storage facility, one has to wonder what if any involvements he has with USEC, and the gaseous diffusion plants in Portsmouth, Ohio and Paducah, Kentucky. I digress.

For decades now, the government has tried to push the concept of YUCCA Mountain being America's place of choice for the storage of Spent Fuel Rods, spent uranium, and other nuclear waste streams. President Bush tried to do and end around in his first term, has attempted to short circuit citizen involvement in the process. After the November Elections, it was announced by a key Democratic Senator that YUCCA Valley is DOA (Dead on Arrival), so we can only assume that a Democratically controlled House and Senate will derail this storage site, and rightfully so. This means some 50 plus years into America's nuclear age, and we have no place to put the hellish waste streams that are being created from the production of Nuclear Power. The fact is, there is NO VIABLE PLACE in the entire world available currently for these waste streams.

Enter Prime Minister Howard and the Australian Government...someone (BIG BUSINESS) has sold them on the concept of nuclear energy, and on building a storage facility for radioactive wastes. After all, who in Australia is going to cry over loud about a radioactive waste storage facility built on Aboriginal land? To add insult to injury, the legislation passed by Australia's federal House of Representatives would GIVE THE LAND BACK when Australia is done with it! HELLO YOU DIP CHITS, some of the HALF LIVES of materials in the decay chain are 14 MILLION YEARS.

I urge the people of Australia to wake up! First, there is the issue of doing right by the Aborigine people/tribes. Secondly, you as a nation need to ask yourselves this question...Are we prepared as a nation to play host to the nuclear waste of an entire world? That is what you are being set up for, that is the writing on the wall. A serious accident at such a facility could leave over half of Australia inhabitable, that is what is at stake as your own Prime Minister Howard tries to RUSH this whole Nuclear process right past you before you can react, and stop it.
The federal House of Representatives has passed legislation to allow Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory to be used for a radioactive waste dump.

The Government says the Bill will allow Indigenous groups to offer their land for use, but have it handed back when the land is no longer needed.

Several sites in the Territory are being considered for a radioactive waste facility.

Deputy Labor leader Jenny Macklin says the new Bill will mean Aboriginal land rights will be diminished.

"The Howard Government is intent on making sure that you have no rights, no legal review avenues, no right to express your view, no right to giving informed consent," she said.

"Absolutely no say in this Government's blind pursuit of dumping nuclear waste in the Northern Territory."

The Bill will be debated in the Senate tomorrow.

Open Letter To Andrew Spano On Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Dear Andrew Spano:

In light of the 200,000 plus gallons of radioactively contaminated water rapidly finding its way into the Hudson River, coupled with spent fuel rod storage facilities leaking from the inside out (representative of a failing internal infrastructure), coupled with the cracked domes of the reactors, and you have a situation where Indian Point is much more on my mind as someone living within the ten mile circle of death. Watching the television one night, a commercial talked about the Emergency Evacuation Plan that had been mailed to us, I realized our house had NEVER received one, and I took it upon myself to remedy this egregious oversight on the part of Indian Point.

First, I made not one, but three phone calls to the Westchester Emergency Management offices and left messages...none of which were returned. Out of desperation, I escalated my efforts and made contact with the State Emergency Response folks in Albany, who with great arm twisting finally consented to send me one in the mail. Upon it's arrival at my house, I immediately began reading through the document, wanting to make sure that myself and my family WERE PREPARED for an incident should one occur. At first blush, I was amazed at how little real information was in the booklet, and secondly, spotted what I felt amounted to a serious, even FATAL FLAW in the plan.

In case of an incident (such a NICE WORD) at the plant, the booklet tells us that we would be A) evacuated, or B) sheltered in place. The booklet goes on to tell us, that sheltering in place in case of incident would be employed (one example) in such situations as inclement weather, such as a winter snow storm that made roads impassable, and travel unsafe. It goes on to instruct us to follow the SIMPLE LIST of instructions found in the booklet for sheltering in place should such and event occur...let's take a look at the first four items in that list.

1. Stay in doors. DUH...what, do you folks think we are going to run out on our front porches to watch the plume as it approaches? LOOK MA, here comes the PLUME!

2. Close all doors and windows. Middle of winter, a snow storm with a PLUME heading our way, do you really think we need to be told this?

3. Turn off your heater/furnace...according to Mr. Sweeney at the Westchester Emergency Management office, as well as spokespersons from Indian Point, this is necessary to keep from bringing potentially contaminated air into the home and/or structure where you are being sheltered.

4. Close all flues as dampers for fireplaces and/or wood stoves, again for the same reasons as outlined in number three above.


Now, I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, but a thought immediately popped into my head, and I started making some calls to GET AND ANSWER to what I felt was a fairly simply question.

If we follow these instructions, and are sheltered in place with no heat source, how long do we have before the effects of hypothermia begin setting in.

Mr. Sweeney could not answer the question for me, and in fact got rather hostile when I pushed for and answer...he in fact stated there was no need for such in depth analysis in the Emergency Response, Entergy, various public agencies, and finally you Andrew Spano are going to make a decision to SHELTER US IN PLACE in the middle of winter with NO CLUE as to how long we could be sheltered in place before suffering the negative effects of hypothermia, including DEATH?

I made this inquiry of your county Health Department, FEMA, Entergy and the NRC, and not one of them could answer the question, though each and every one of these government agencies admitted a brought up a LEGITAMITE point of concern, with the spokes woman from Entergy today even going so far as to suggest the booklet might need to be reviewed and reworded.

Another person from Indian Point went on to suggest that maybe I should make more adequate preparations for this possibility, such as securing a generator in case we have no power on the grid in the immediate area, the purchasing of secondary means of heating my home, so forth on so. Now, these would be items purchased for the possibility of a Nuclear Incident at the failing and antiquated Indian Point Nuclear Plant. To properly prepare my home for such a WINTER NUCLEAR INCIDENT, and being sheltered in place would cost myself and every other home owner in the area some $2,500-$3,000...if these are commodities that would be required and incorporated into the Emergency Plan for Indian Point, should these up front preparedness costs not be incurred by Indian Point? Is it fair to expect the citizens of the area to absorb what should be a Indian Point cost of doing business in our area, and making sure we are kept case should there be and incident. When I brought this up with a spokesperson from Indian Point they scoffed at such a preposterous idea, telling me if I want to be safe, I should take the steps necessary to do which I posed the question, "and if I or another household cannot afford those costs?" That question was met with silence.

Moving on with my concerns about the plan, I pointedly asked Mr. Sweeney to tell me specifically how many people the various assorted reception centers could hold in the case of an incident at the plant that required FULL EVACUATION of the surrounding areas...first, he told me that was highly unlikely, but I pushed on by asking him, "Yes, but what if it is necessary, how many people can your reception centers hold...he REFUSED to answer the question. I would hazard a guess here, that in a serious incident at the plant, the surrounding areas do not have adequate space in this temporary holding facilities for the population, which I state to Mr. Sweeney...wherein, he fell back to Sheltering in place.

So, even if it is not the BEST OPTION, there is a chance that we as citizens at risk would be ordered to SHELTER IN PLACE in our homes because there simply was not enough space in the public shelters to handle all of us? I brought these concerns to the attention of Entergy, and the NRC, as well as the Westchester County Board of far, no one has been willing and/or able to answer these concerns.

On November 22nd, with the blessing of traitorous, financially self serving, former Mayor of New York Rudi Guilliani, Entergy announced its plans to seek a relicensing of fatally flawed Nuclear Plants and their leaking spent fuel rod storage facilities for a period of and additional 20 years. Couple this with Senator First's announcement that YUCCA valley is dead as a long term storage facility, and it becomes even more imperative that questions like mine be answered with honestly and openly.

Obviously, with these concerns about the inadequacies found in my copy of the Emergency Evacuation Plan, I began looking more closely at a few other issues that I would like addressed. In case of an incident, or for that matter, in the case of any MAJOR DISASTER, we are told to visit the FEMA sight for help in recovering from said disaster...well, I went to that sight, found the section titled, " Recovering from Disaster" and the sub-category right below titled, "Specific Disaster Recovery Information" to get and idea of the steps I would need to take in recovering from a NUCLEAR INCEDENT/ACCIDENT at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. What I found was/is very disturbing...floods, dam failure, landslides and a host of other disasters are listed, each with a list of steps one can take to recover, but there is NO LISTING, NO STEPS GIVEN TO RECOVER FROM A NUCLEAR INCIDENT.

Surely Indian Point with all of it's plume tracking maps, and FEMA could come up with a list of steps we citizens should take to recover from a Nuclear Incident? Surely it would be possible with some simplistic modeling based on those PLUME MAPS to provide some basic cost analysis of the clean up costs after such and incident? After all, when we look at A) the fact that Indian Point is held by a LLC, B) Price Waterhouse limits their liability, and C) insurances companies have been allowed to put and exclusion in our home owners policies indemnifying them from any costs related to a Nuclear Incident and it is us the citizens who will be left holding the bag...are we not entitled to know what those potential clean up costs would be? Should that not be a factor in deciding for or against any relicensing being sought by Entergy? If there is an incident, and we are SHELTERED IN PLACE, don't we need to know the steps to be taken after the incident to recover from said incident?

One last comment on, Indian Point conducted a test of their Emergency Sirens...I live ONE BLOCK from one siren, about five blocks from another...I was home for the test, and never heard said alarms.

I would like answers to these questions, and have been told by Indian Point that it is you who makes the final decision on these matters, so I am turning to you to seek answers to these questions. Though you have no problems with invading my privacy with your ROBO CALLER for unimportant issues, you and your office have been negligent in responding to the citizens of Westchester County on important issues surrounding Indian Point. Because of this, and to hopefully push you into being forth coming in providing an HONEST AND OPEN ANSWER to my concerns, I am taking the liberty of posting this open letter to you on two open source blogs, the links to them provided below. I look forward to your swift response to my concerns, look forward to real dialogue and honest answers, rather than your usual ducking with the by now famous..."I'll get back to you on this" with the getting back NEVER OCCURING.

Respectfully, Concerned Citizen


PS...additional concerns to be discussed in future letters.

CC Posted to Indian Point at

Addresing Washingron Drivel From The Hill

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Addressing Odds and Ends From Washington

First, so that the members of Congress discussed here have full disclosure, this post will also be shared on Porgie's News and a Google Search, sure you'll find it. Seems as the clock ticks down to the upcoming Democratically controlled 110th Congress, we are seeing LOTS of promises, while behind closed doors America's middle class is being sold down the river...IE, don't suppose Nancy Pelosi would care to come to this blog and explain in straight forward HONEST WORDS why she and her Democratic cohorts are planning on abandoning the 700 mile fence that has already been signed into law, and trying to find a way to quietly SNEAK Amnesty past American citizens.

First UP...Department of Justice

How convenient that the Department of Justice is suddenly opting for an investigation of the NSA spying they really think we are that stupid? This investigation should NOT STOP THE DEMOCRATS from conducting a Congressional Investigation of their own on this important breech of our civil rights. NY Democrat Rep. Maurice Hinchey had this to say on the issue:

Following requests from myself, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and other House members, for an investigation of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) warrantless surveillance program, U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General Glenn A. Fine yesterday informed me that his office has opened a review of the agency’s involvement with the program.

and this:

I must say that after trying for nearly a year to get DOJ to conduct an investigation of the NSA’s warrantless spy program, I am very pleased to learn that the agency’s Inspector General is finally opening an investigation that we were made to believe would never happen. While I’m glad that the White House finally relented and granted additional clearances for DOJ officials to conduct an investigation, I can’t help but be skeptical about the timing. I wonder whether this reversal is only coming now after the election as an attempt to appease Democrats in Congress who have been critical of the NSA program and will soon be in control and armed with subpoena power.

Like Hinchey, the Washington Scandal finds the timing of this investigation more than a little suspect. As they say, "Let the investigations begin" and if in the process we bring down that snide little weasel who plays the part of the attorney general, so much the better. This grassrooter would love to see Bush's entire cabinet impeached for incompetence and stupidity, and lets not forget plain old fashion arrogance.

NEXT UP...Wyo. GOP Sen. Mike Enzi misleading and misquided remarks about the economy.
Though he may be somewhat on target about the opportunity awaiting college graduates, those opportunities are tempered with the reality that our government is cheapening thier earning power by granting far to many H21 visa's, which allow companies to hire foreign workers in high skill jobs for almost $14,000 less than their American counter parts. Seems odd to me that a Senator has the unmitigated gall to tout a great economy while at the same time screwing the American worker.

Further, his callous remarks fail to mention how bad the economy is for American Workers in the lower 1/3 of work force because of ILLEGAL ALIENS depressing wages, and stealing jobs. If Congress and the Senate really want to do something for the Middle Class, it is pretty simple...shut down the jobs magnet for illegals, build our fence, and begin deporting those working here illegally. We voted for change, NOT AMNESTY.

LAST ONE TONIGHT FOLKS...Over the weekend, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer was blathering about the Democratic Pledge...lets TALK about that pledge, and the false promises we so far are being fed.

THE SUPPOSED PLEDGE, with my suggestions intersperced as an average Middle Class American.

1.) We will and must change the way things are done in Washington.

You want to effect change in Washington, then first and foremost END ALL FREE TRAVEL paid for by any one, and end CHEAP TRAVEL on corporate and private planes. We can see how special interest is trying to WATER DOWN this reform, don't let them do it. All those SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS amount to SPECIAL ACCESS to our elected officials, and our Congressmen/women were sent to Washington to work for OUR DISTRICTS, not far flung business interests trying to buy influence.

2.) We will work with the President and our Republican colleagues in Congress to forge a new direction in Iraq.

Curious...have you bothered to look at Press Secretary Snow's recent ramblings on the War in Iraq? If you think Bush is budging short of a threat to impeach the bastard, you are sadly mistaken. Your options, and the presidents options are limited. If we stay, we have to use overwhelming force, and that means at least 500,000 troops on the ground, and that reality means bringing back the draft. The other choice is bringing our troops home, and that means A) unfunding the war because its the only way Bush will give in, or B) impeach him. Don't give us any of this reaching across the isle bipartisan BULLCHIT....when it comes to Iraq, the President holds the cards, but you hold the purse is that simple.

3.) We will address the concerns and issues that affect the lives of working families.

Address the concerns of the WORKING FAMILY...which working family, the ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKING FAMILY, or the LEGAL AMERICAN WORKING FAMILY? Come on, the word is out on the street, and to win the Latino voting block, the Democrats want to ABANDON THE FENCE, and sneak through AMNESTY in the name of Earned Citizenship....let me give you a CLUE. Deport the law breakers, arrest those who hire illegals and put them in prison, and close the ANCHOR BABY LOOP HOLE if you really want to HELP America's working families. Anything short of that, and everyone of you in Washington are lying SCUM.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Has The Time Come For Americans To Defend Our Borders And Our Homes Ourselves?

To understand some Americans and their anger where illegal aliens are concerned, you first have to go back in time, back to 1986, back to the great Reagan Era Illegal Alien Amnesty with all of its false and unkept promises. The old saying states that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Reagan and those in office promised Americans that we were seeing the last Amnesty, that after it went to in effect, our laws would be enforced, employers would be punished, and those here illegally would be deported back to their home country...we as Americans believed those promises, bought into the lie and Amnesty was signed into law over the skepticism of America, and with many angry it happened at all, who believed it would not work.

That amnesty did not work, and now some six years into the Bush Presidency, a full twenty years from that last failed presidency, we are faced with the same issues, the same problems, but this time they are bigger, more magnified that one could have ever pictured. Sadly, if the political winds blowing through this once fine land are any example, our government learned nothing from history, are not only doomed, but EAGER to repeat history again, prepared, with the help of traitorous help from a newly elected Democratic Majority, to force amnesty down the throats of America yet again, legalizing the stealing of our jobs, the depression of our wages, the ruination of many of our lower and middle class communities in the name of CHEAP WAGES, and in the hopes of winning the Latino voting block.

Two reports today should have Americans up in arms, show that Washington did not listen to us on November 7th, and have no intentions of bringing us change. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to beat their drums of bipartisanship, and speak of their GRAND AGENDA for the first 100 hours of the 110th Congress, the crowning jewel of that time frame a raise in the minimum wage to $7.25 (supposedly promised as a stand alone piece of legislation). First, if the average America looks at this promise, it's NOT ENOUGH, and even worse, if not coupled with serious border and immigration enforcement, and the deportation of millions of illegal aliens, may be a detriment to those LEGAL AMERICANS on the lowest rungs of our economic ladder. If low life, fetid, repugnant, law breaking companies and employers are already hiring illegals now because they work for less, isn't and increase in the minimum wage without dealing with this issue going to see even more companies following suit?

The Freshman Class positions on immigration reform are out, and they are at best very disappointing. The first thing noticeable, is what is missing...any mention of how to deal with the 12-20 million illegal aliens, and their 4 million anchor babies...a very disturbing and telling absence, proof that Pelosi has Democrats GOOSESTEPPING TOWARDS AMNESTY. Secondly, though many Democratic Freshman CLAIM they want enforcement first, they lay out no plan for such enforcement, while at the same time saying they do not embrace the building of the fence that we Americans had already been promised, had already seen signed into law. In short, a move is afoot to eliminate any fence, to backtrack from a bill already signed into law. If this is the message coming out of the Freshman Class, you already know what the Democratic Party's position is....sell out the middle class they promised to protect in the Fall Election to get elected. Sell out American workers to BIG BUSINESS and the racist La Raza/Latino Agenda, and begin the implementation of Bush's One World Order call to create a North American Union by the year 2010.

Much like the Jews at the beginning of the Holocaust, America's lower and middle classes have remained quiet, even meek, hoping against hope that if we behaved ourselves, kept quiet and went along, that our government would come to its senses, would protect us, our jobs, our homes, our communities.

Sadly, it has not worked, and Americans are the victims of a Job Holocaust that is threatening to steal away our way of life, all in the name of Cheap Wages, all in the name of La Raza (the one race). We are being boxed in, slowly forced into submission and eventual slavery at the hands of the rich and elite who wish to be our masters, us their surfs. If you doubt this, ask yourself this simple question, "Do you think your children will be better off than your generation has been?" There are no gas chambers, no furnaces, but leave no doubt...the middle class here in America is being deliberately, systematically eradicated, we are both witnessing and the victims of a massive extermination like none ever before witnessed in the history of the world, a Class Holocaust whose numbers dwarf even those of Nazi Germany's extermination of the Jews.

Pick up your phones and call to report illegals living in the home right next to yours, packed in like sardines and they laugh at you, could care less. Report a company or individual hiring illegals, same response. We have SS like public officials like Michael Bloomberg of New York who openly DEFY federal laws, go on TV to openly state that his city, his big companies need ILLEGALS, and the cheap labor they represent. Like some sinister agent of the AMNESTY Gestapo he openly stomps on any one who speaks out against illegals, or tries to have our laws enforced when it comes to cracking down on illegals and those who hire them...Mayor's like him in a sense are the gate keepers of the modern day Concentration Camps meant to keep American Workers out, instead of being locked in.

Leave no doubt, we have been targeted for extermination, the weapon of choice financial strangulation. So the question becomes, what to do if our own government, those sworn to protect us refuse to do their jobs? If our government is bent on granting Amnesty to illegals, and providing even more avenues for them to invade our towns and cities, give them a means by which to steal even more of our jobs, what options have we left? If our government refuse to close our border, do we have any choice but to close it ourselves, using our legal rights to bear arms, our legal right to protect our properties and way of life as justification for the actions that we take? Harsh questions, but it was only last month we heard about the story of a Mexican Drug Dealer being given immunity from prosecution while to Border Patrol Agents were WRONGFULLY sentenced to long prison terms for doing their jobs. Perhaps the time has sadly come for a citizens militia, a group of true Americas who will willingly stand up to do the work our government refuses to do.

How many armed American Heroes from the middle class would it take to secure our Southern Border with Mexico? Ten per mile, or should it be 20? Let's have a nice round number of say 50,000 Armed citizens, each of them being paid by a citizens enforcement fund, a privatized border protection service run for and by the middle class. At a salary of $50,000 a year, we need $2,500,000,000 (2.5 Billion) dollars. That sounds like a lot until you divide by say 150,000,000 lower and middle class citizens. Ask yourselves....if you could secure our Southern Border, stop the flow of illegal aliens into America, end the depression of your wages, would you be willing to contribute $25.00 for each person in your house to such a cause? With that small donation, we could easily hire, arm and outfit a citizens army to our Southern Border, buy vehicles, begin building infrastructure, such as our own fences. What if we double that $25 to $50.00 so that we could hire our own work force enforcement officers, retain attorneys to bring civil claims against any one targeted as hiring, aiding or abetting an illegal.

We the middle class are under attack. Our government has not, and is not heeding our call. Our wages are depressed, our jobs are being stolen, and many of us are losing the value of our homes as illegals move in and take over our neighborhoods. The time has come to take action, rather than wasting our time sending faxes and making calls to and electorate who will not listen, will not heed our calls for change. So, the question I ask of all Americans in the Lower and Middle Class...would you support such a private mobilization of our citizens to deal with this issue head on? If you have four people in your home, is it worth $200 per year to you knowing that the illegal alien problem is being dealt with instead of being ignored? Would you support a Minuteman type organization on steroids if they accomplished the work your government refuses to even begin? Corporations already have their own private armies, already have tens of thousands of well trained Corporate Mercenaries ready to do their bidding for a price...isn't it time that America's lower and middle class incorporates itself and lays claim to these self same protections of our own?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ecobabes From "Almost The News"

This next story is compliments of Almost The News and Ecobabes Calendar seems like a Green project we should all get behind. These Environmental Saving Women have gotten together and put out a racy calendar to raise funds for reducing greenhouse gases out in Sonoma County. Would love to see a group here in New York create a similiar calendar to take on the environmental ills as the aging and fetid Indian Point Nuclear fact, if there's any one out there interested in such a project, drop me a note.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Shopping Green Style...ECOBABES Calendar

Being and Eco-Friendly kind of a guy here, decided when I read the article below that I had to give the ecobabes a plug. You can help the efforts of green people everywhere...well, not every where, but out in Sonoma County in their efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions. This Green Friendly Bootylicious offering can be found at

Environmental climate heats up over pinups Raising funds and blood pressure with 'Ecobabes' calendar

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Greenhouse gas may not be very sexy, but a group of self-proclaimed "ecobabes" in Sonoma County found a unique way to bring out global warming's naughty side -- posing for a pinup calendar.

The 12 female environmentalists were photographed -- fully clothed, for the most part -- in an effort to raise money for the Climate Protection Campaign of Sonoma County and seduce the public into reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This Was Not A College Option When I Went To School

Oh, the times they are a changing...those lyrics rang so true when I stumbled upon a small news piece today. Seems a college freshman studied strippers, and came up with the finding that they make better tips when ovulating. Wondering if this student had to go deep undercover to do the research?

New Mexico Freshman Studies Strippers
Women who work at Albuquerque's TD's Showclub make the most money in tips when they're ovulating, a University of New Mexico freshman has concluded. The finding supports psychology student Brent Jordan's hypothesis that fertility makes women more attractive, says the Daily Lobo.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Join The Cannondale War Boycott

This just in: Seems Bush was GIFTED a very EXPENSIVE Cannondale Mountain Bike...if you oppose "Stay The Course" can you really ride a Cannondale in good faith?

Muqtada al-Sadr and His Militia Need Taken Out

Think it was two years ago now that we had al-Sadr surrounded, the Mosque he and his minions were using surrounded. We should have leveled the Mosque if that's what was required to have gotten al-Sadr, have broken the back of his militia, forced a full and unconditional surrender. We instead allowed Muqtada al-Sadr and his militia to walk away unscathed, and in that gave him a huge victory in the eyes of his people...he had stood up to America, and survived to tell the tale. George Bush Senior made the same mistake in the first Desert Storm when our troops had the Red Army surrounded...instead of tightening the noose, it was opened, Saddam's troops allowed to scatter back to Baghdad.

When historians write the story of this war, when they pinpoint the defining moments that shaped the events, steered them towards particular outcomes, the show down at the Mosque with al-Sadr will be one of those moments. The Bush administration's, even America's need to be politically correct saw our troops held back...GOD FORBID footage of our troops taking down a Sacred Mosque be flashed around the world on the six o'clock news. What a tactical blunder, a mistake of monumental proportions. On the one hand we have George W. Bush thumping his chest, talking tough, and telling the terrorist, we will hunt you down, we will find you, and we will deal with you, yet when it came down to it, the war on terror took a second seat to appearing politically correct on the six o'clock news! We should have blown that Mosque sky wide and handsome, but instead we allowed al-Sadr to walk away, and that act made him a folk hero of monumental proportions.

Now, America is faced with another one of those DEFINING MOMENTS, and not surprisingly it involves the exact same thug we let live two years ago...he is not happy with Bush's planned meeting with al-Maliki, wants the meeting canceled, worse wants to attend. He has gone on television over in the Middle East, his words racing around the world demanding that the meeting be canceled, or he pulls his people out of the, it is no surprise that al-Sadr is backed financially and militarily (on some level) by Iran. We are seeing here a chess game, and the very nation of Iraq rides in the outcome. If Bush backs down, if this meeting is canceled, Muqtada al-Sadr and by proxy Iran wins. For all intents, al-Sadr will have shown the entire world that it is he, and he alone who is the power behind the puppet, it is he who is the true leadership of Iraq, he becomes the MONEY PLAYER, and by proxy, America cedes Iraq to Iran and their brand of government by theocracy.

We are at another defining we finally draw that proverbial line in the sand, or do we yet again pull back in the name of political correctness, in the name of not creating waves? My decision...take the gloves off, send Bush to the meeting, and make an announcement that al-Sadr is now a wanted man, and that his militia has 48 hours to lay down their arms. We either fight our way through an unavoidable blood bath to the other side and perhaps victory, or we pack up our troops and bring them home.

Radical cleric threatens walkout over Bush visit (click for story)

In a test of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's rule, a representative of anti-U.S. Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's bloc Friday threatened to suspend participation the government if al-Maliki meets with President Bush next week. Meanwhile, police reported a U.S. raid on al-Sadr's office in Baquba.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Breaking News (BBC) At Least 132 Dead In Bomb

Details still coming in, but in breaking news just in on the BBC, a bomb blast in Sadr city has killed at least 132. On this special day where we are all home safe and preparing for our feasts, lets remember our troops in harms way, and say a prayer for the people of Iraq.

Baghdad blasts 'kill 132 people'

At least 132 people have been killed in a series of blasts in the Shia Sadr City area of the Iraqi capital, police and medical sources say. Details are still sketchy, but a further 200 people were reportedly wounded in three car bombs and at least one mortar blast.

In one attack a car exploded at a food market which is a regular target of mainly Sunni Muslim insurgents.

Elsewhere, gunmen attacked the health ministry, sparking battles with guards.

In Sadr City, a car exploded in the Jamila food market, where eyewitnesses told reporters burned bodies and human flesh littered the ground.

UPDATE Just In From New York Times...Death Toll Rising in Thanksgiving Day Attack

At Least 144 Killed in Attacks in Baghdad

Published: November 23, 2006
Filed at 10:16 a.m. ET

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Police report that suicide bombings and mortar attacks on Sadr City, Baghdad's Shiite slum, killed 144 and wounded 236.

The bombs and mortar shells struck at 15 minute intervals beginning about 3 p.m., with the first suicide bombing killing about 10 people in a vegetable market.

Angry residents and armed militiamen flooded the streets hurling curses at Sunni Muslims.

Heavy clashes broke out Thursday afternoon between gunmen and guards at the Shiite-controlled Health Ministry building in north Baghdad, security officials said.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Shared Story, A Shared Hope

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we give you a shared story from the Washington Scandal Blog, and with it, a shared hope. Enjoy your own day of thanks, but as you give thanks and enjoy the bounty of this special day, please remember those less fortunate than yourselves. God Bless, and may your Thanksgiving be a day of wonder for you, and your family. From my family, from my family of blogs to yours, have a great Thanksgiving, and if you are traveling, STAY SAFE, drive carefully.

A Worthy Charity Event for Thanksgiving

Tommorow, we give thanks, then we FEAST, gorging ourselves on treats, meats and deserts fit for kings...some are not so fortunate, some here in the land of plenty will go hungry. There are a lot of charities that work to feed and shelter our nation's homeless. The "Almost The News" blog hopes you will support one of these, give up a part of your day to lend them a helping hand in helping the less fortunate. In this spirit of giving and thanks, we share with you a brief story from "The Washington Scandal Blog" on one such charity, and one event in Washington, DC.
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Live in Washington, DC? Get Out Tomorrow and HELP THE HOMELESS
I'll be up early tomorrow baking our Thanksgiving pumpkin and pecan pies, preparing fresh cranberries, and doing up my own world famous deviled eggs. This early morning descent to the kitchen is a part of my family tradition, a part of the greater traditions that are Thanksgiving in the United States of America. Tomorrow is a time to give thanks, and also a time to share the bounty each of us has been blessed with. In Washington, there is just such an opportunity with the 5th Annual Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger in Washington, D.C.

If you live in Washington, it is not to late to be a part of this GREAT EVENT, and I would encourage you to show up and walk, run or crawl the 5K which supports SOME (So Others Might Eat), and interfaith group started in 1970 soup kitchen dedicated to the most basic needs of the homeless. Can't make it? Then how about sending them a small donation, or getting involved in their efforts by visiting their website? Some things in life should ALWAYS be bipartisan, and feeding the hungry, compassion for those less fortunate is one of them.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

US Muslims Upset...WHO CARES?

Seems that US Muslims are all in a tither over six Imams tossed off a response...TOO BAD, get used to it. Like it or not, based on the very real FACT that most terrorists are are Muslim/Islamic, we have every right not to trust, have every right to feel uncomfortable with you individually and as a group being on a plane with us. If other passengers on a plane feel uncomfortable, even fearful by your presense, you SHOULD BE REMOVED.

The Imams were attending a conference on building bridges with westerns...a simple enough task if they are serious. Stop supporting terrorists, stop believing your religion gives you the right to wage jihad, stop thinking the rest of the world has no choice but to accept and embrace your religious beliefs...we don't, so get over it, leave us alone, stop killing our innocents. Until you do those things, until terrorist attacks at the hands of Muslims stop, you are NOT TRUSTED. Want to call that PROFILING...I'm fine with that, and would hazzard a guess that most Americans are. If I were on a plane, and six Imams walked onto the plane, I would IMMEDIATELY raise concerns to the aircraft staff, and encourage other passengers to do the same.

It's humans, we have to mitigate our risks...being on a plane right now with six Imams is not a risk most of us feel we should have to take. As for those Imams having trouble finding a flight home...let them drive.

U.S. Muslims outraged after imams kicked off plane
Tue Nov 21, 2006 12:33pm ET
By Michael Conlon

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Muslim leaders expressed outrage on Tuesday after six imams were removed from a commercial airline flight in Minnesota for what they said was nothing more than trying to say evening prayers. (Say your prayers when you GET OFF PLANE...especially if they are not spoken in ENGLISH.)

"They were treated like terrorists ... humiliated," said Abu Hannoud, civil rights director for the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who said the men were taken off the US Airways flight in handcuffs. (Standard procedure for suspicious people...again, get over it.)

He said the men were still trying to find a flight back to Phoenix where most are affiliated with a major mosque after the carrier refused them passage following the incident on Monday evening.
(Who cares what they are affliated with? They need to stop their whining...our safety takes precedent.)

"We are concerned that crew members, passengers and security personnel may have succumbed to fear and prejudice based on stereotyping of Muslims and Islam," added Nihad Awad, executive director of the council, in a statement from the group's Washington headquarters. (Again...get over it! What is some passengers WERE CONCERNED...who was it that flew planes into our Twin Towers? If the terrorists had been from Sweden, we would be leery of six buxom blondes getting onto a plane and speaking funny.)

"We call on relevant authorities to investigate whether proper procedures were followed by security personnel and members of the US Airways flight crew," he said. (They looked suspicious, made folks uncomfortable...end of story.)

The group said the men told it they were accused of "suspicious activity," which they believed was only their attempt to pray. (Do these Imam's know what COMMONSENSE is?)

Hannoud said in an interview that the men had been attending a three-day meeting of the North American Imams Federation in the Minneapolis area "discussing how to build bridges" between Muslims and American society, and that the FBI and local police had been informed in advance about the meeting.

The Draft...Would you Serve?

One of the BIG STORIES is the potential of the draft being reinstated here in America, doing away with, or supplementing the all volunteer military with conscripts...Americans FORCED into serving America. It's easy in the theoretical to say you would do what was right, or that you would serve your country. However, with the death toll rising in Bush's wrong war, and some experts seeing American troops in Iraq ten years from now, would you serve if drafted?

I volunteered shortly after Vietnam, went in for the benefits if honest about it. If I were a young man in the prime of my life, with every thing to live for, I would not serve if drafted today. Bush lied to take us into war, the Pentagon seems at best clueless, and our foreign policy under Condi Rice is a joke. Further, if I had children of my own, I would not let them enlist, even as a volunteer at this point in our history. I support our troops in harms way, but would not let my own relatives risk dying for the farce that is Iraq. So, what about my honest with yourself and answer the question: If you are drafted, would you serve? For that matter, for some of us older folks that could get called up...if you suddenly got a notice calling you to active duty, would you go?

Selective Service: Ready for a draft
POSTED: 10:04 p.m. EST, November 20, 2006

By Thom Patterson

(CNN) -- Although Congress is unlikely to follow calls from a top Democrat to bring back the military draft, the United States does have a plan, if necessary, aimed at inducting millions of young men for service. The Selective Service System, an agency independent of the Defense Department, says it's ready to respond quickly to any crisis that would threaten to overwhelm the current all-volunteer military.

"We're the fire department," said spokesman Pat Schuback at the service headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

"We're prepared to do the mission with whatever time period we're asked to do it in. Our current plan is 193 days and that was based on manpower analysis."

With an active list of more than 15 million names, Schuback said an estimated 93 percent of all men in the United States between 18 and 26 have registered for the Selective Service, as required by law.

Chris Baker, 20, of Decatur, Georgia, said he wouldn't support a draft under any circumstances.

"I don't believe it's right to send people who don't really want to go fight for the country," Baker said. "I probably wouldn't go, but I know that'd I have to go to jail for that. That's probably what I would do -- sit in jail."

But 25-year-old Donnie Deerman of West Blocton, Alabama, said he would feel obligated to participate in a military draft.

More Middle Instability...Murder in Lebanon

Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, one of the leading anti Syrian politicians
has been killed. The timing could not be worse, coming after pro Syrian members of the Cabinet resigned. He was shot in the streets of a Christian is the beginning of the story from BBC.

Lebanese Christian leader killed

Gemayel's death is the latest in a series of assassinations in Lebanon
Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, a Maronite Christian leader, has been killed in the capital, Beirut.
Mr Gemayel, a leading anti-Syrian politician, was reportedly shot in the street in a Christian suburb and rushed to hospital, where he died.

His death comes amid a political crisis in Lebanon, following the resignation of six pro-Syrian cabinet members.

Mr Gemayel was a member of the Phalange Party and the son of former President Gemayel Amin.

Gunmen opened fire on Mr Gemayel's convoy as it travelled through Sin el-Fil neighbourhood, Reuters news agency quoted security sources as saying.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Pelosi...You Want To Help Middle Class? DEPORT ILLEGALS

The battle cry of the newly elected Democratic Majority says they want to HELP those of us in the middleclass...OK, let's say we believe them. A hint of the best place to start...strong immigration enforce, border security, and harsh fines for any one hiring illegals, coupled with strong enforcement at local, state and federal level. It's simple...over abundance of workers at low end of the labor force stagnates, even lowers wages. Shrink the labor force, and law of supply and demand will see wages and benefits go up.

Increasing the minimum wage to $7.25 is like putting a bandaid on a bleeding artery. The time has come to send those here illegally home, and that means the Democrats growing a spine and doing what is right for AMERICAN CITIZENS, rather than catering to ILLEGAL ALIENS in the hopes of winning a voting block at some future date and time.

Pelosi: Relieving middle class tops list
By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer Mon Nov 20, 12:42 PM ET

WASHINGTON - House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi said Monday her new Democratic majority will extend a hand to Republicans in moving the agenda of relieving the "middle-class squeeze." She said restoring the military draft will not be part of that agenda when Democrats take over the House in January.

Pelosi, following a strategy meeting with the next House majority leader, Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said she will meet with incoming House Minority Leader John Boehner and "we'll find our common ground for the American people."

"The principle of civility and respect for minority participation in this House is something we promised the American people. It's the right thing to do," she said.

Stop Entergy Relicensing (Indian Point Groups Get On Board)

In the Federal Registry is a Petition For Rule Making that all those opposed to the re-licensing of Indian Point Need to get involved in...the time to submit comments is ON RIGHT NOW. Also, concerned citizens need to file their own Petitions For Rule Making in regards to our concerns with the decaying and decrepid Indian Point facility. The Public Notice pasted below is comliments of where I stumbled upon it.

Federal Register: November 20, 2006
FR Doc E6-19568, Volume 71, Number 223
Sally Shaw; Receipt of Petition for Rulemaking
SUMMARY: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is publishing for public comment a notice of receipt of a petition for rulemaking, dated June 23, 2006, which was filed with the Commission by Sally Shaw. The petition was docketed by the NRC on November 1, 2006, and has been assigned Docket No. PRM-51-11. The petitioner requests that the NRC prepare a rulemaking that will require that the NRC reconcile its generic environmental impact statement for nuclear power plant operating license renewal applications with the National Academy of Sciences Health Risks From Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation: Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR) VII Phase 2 Report.


Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. (Entergy) submitted an application for renewal of Operating License No. DPR-28 for an additional 20 years of operation at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station (VYNPS). The VYNPS is located in the town of Vernon, Vermont, in Windham County on the west shore of the Connecticut River immediately upstream of the Vernon Hydroelectric Station. The operating license for VYNPS expires on March 21, 2012. A notice of receipt and availability of the application, which included the environmental report, was published in the Federal Register on February 6, 2006 (71 FR 6102). Subsequently, the NRC published a ``Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement and Conduct Scoping Process'' on April 21, 2006 (71 FR 20733). The NRC will prepare an EIS related to the review of the license renewal application. The applicable NRC regulation, 10 CFR 51.95(c), required that the NRC, in determining whether to grant a renewal of a nuclear power plant operating license, prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS). The regulation provides that this EIS supplement the NRC's baseline, generic EIS issued in 1996, NUREG-1437, ``Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants'' (May 1996)(GEIS).

Petitioner's Request

The petitioner requests that the NRC prepare a rulemaking that would require that the NRC reconcile its GEIS for nuclear power plant operating license renewal applications with the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Health Risks From Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation: BEIR VII, Phase 2 which was released in 2005. The petitioner asserts that the GEIS relies upon an earlier NAS report, the BEIR V, with was released in 1990. According to the NAS Web site, the BEIR VII updates the information contained in the BEIR V and draws upon new data in both epidemiologic and experimental research. The petitioner requests that NRC consider the NAS BEIR VII report as new and significant information and recalculate certain conclusions set forth in the GEIS, including early fatalities, latent fatalities and any injury projections based on this information.

To see Federal Registry Notice:

Al Jazeera English Says West Needs Ahmadinejad

The newly launched Al Jazeera English version has posted up an article on their website that claims the west needs Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran, not the other way around. I think that position rises or falls on one crucial question...does America want to continue being Politically Correct, or do we want to take the gloves off, and do whatever it takes to seize victory from defeat in Iraq, and to once and for all end Iran's march towards having nuclear weapons. If America, our leaders, our military generals shrug off the cloak of restraint that is Political Correctness, and instead fight to win at all costs, settling for nothing less than full and complete surrender, then Iran is nothing if but a nuisance.

We here in America are now hearing a call to re implement the, the facts are simple. We are in a police action similar to Vietnam over in Iraq. Short of doubling, even tripling the number of troops in theatre in Iraq, and going back into a war footing, that war cannot be won. The militias of Iraq have to be defeated, there must be a full surrender, renegade want to be leaders like Sadr either killed or captured. Short of a draft, where does the Pentagon propose finding the troops necessary for such an action? In World War II we had a Marshall plan, and even today we still have troops on the ground in Japan and Germany. We were victorious because we really did use overwhelming force, including the dropping of THE BOMB. We either bring our troops home in Iraq, or we take the gloves off, stop worrying about world opinion, and do whatever it takes to be Victorious...there is no middle ground.

Iran...SANCTIONS WILL NOT WORK, and it is that simple, we have seen it time and again. What will work? Our nukes. OH MY GAWD, that's politically incorrect! Oh, and the devastation visited upon civilized society by various assorted terrorist groups funded by Iran, what is that? If strategic pin point bombing took out the city of Tehran, how long do you think the people would want to fight? They would not fight, they would have poked the tiger once to often and paid the see, having the greatest military in the world only means something if you use it, and you use it well. Once the fear of that force is gone, you have lost your advantage. Bush has pushed us dangerously close to having NOTHING.

So, do we need Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? If we stay the course of Political Correctness, yes we do. However, if we are going to stop worrying about what others think, and instead play to win, he becomes nothing, a bug waiting to be stomped on. So Bush, what's it going to be?

Why the West needs Ahmadinejad
By Rageh Omaar in Tehran

A year is a long time in Iranian politics. Twelve months ago, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, was branded a hardliner by Washington - a religious zealot, and a direct threat to Israel.

Now he is seen as essential to helping George Bush and Tony Blair out of the policy disaster in Iraq.

What is it about him and his government that the American president and British prime minister got so wrong?

Austere leader

Ahmedinejad lectured at a prestigious university in Tehran, teaching civil engineering.

He is still technically a member of the faculty. His office remains untouched, should he wish to return.

You would know that it was Dr Ahmadinejad's office only by its austerity and religious symbols.

Students and colleagues, even those who do not agree with his politics, say they respect him.

Ahmadinejad represents a crucial break in Iranian politics – he is the first post-revolutionary who is not a cleric, he fought in the Iran-Iraq war, and crucially he is seen as not being corrupt.

If the West has underestimated his government's influence in Iraq and the region, they have also exaggerated his vulnerability here in Iran.

So it is hardly surprising that most ordinary Iranians are not hugely interested in Tony Blair's comments on Iraq, especially as he has said Iran would have to give up its nuclear enrichment programme before any talks – something every Iranian leader has said will not happen.

People here feel that when it comes to Iraq and even Lebanon and Afghanistan, Britain and the US need them, not the other way round.

What they want to know is what benefits does Iran get for such assistance?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Illegal is Illegal, Even for Relatives of 9/11 Victims

There is a move afoot to introduce legislation to grant citizenship to illegal aliens whose relatives died in the tragedy that is 9/11. That event was tragic, and my heart goes out to any one who lost a loved one that day. However, feeling compassion for one's loss does not mean we excuse their own criminal activities. Passing legislation to reward illegal aliens citizenship for ANY REASON is wrong.

So far 25 illegal aliens have been identified as losing loved ones on 9/11...our hearts go out to them, and our government has compensated them for their horrible loss. That being said, we should be implementing deportation of these illegals, returning them to their country of origin. It is not our fault that an illegal cannot get a license, drive a car, or look for work...they of their own free will BROKE OUR LAWS. They, and their family members put themselves in harms way because of their own decisions...we are a nation of laws, and those laws have to be enforced equally and fairly for EVERYONE. If you are here illegally, you should be deported, and if our government has identified these 25 illegals, it is their duty to uphold the law by deporting them back to their home country.

It sounds harsh...yet, would we suggest AMNESTY for illegal aliens who had lost a family member in a car accident, or in a gang shooting? Of course would be, and is a tragic loss for the family, but that does not mitigate the fact they BROKE OUR LAWS, and must be held criminally liable for their wrongful actions.

Immigrants in limbo 5 years after 9/11
Posted 11/18/2006 10:39 PM ET
By Cristian Salazar, Associated Press
NEW YORK — In a small meeting room with a view of ground zero, 40 stories below, the woman from Ecuador sat with her attorney, holding a crumpled white napkin that she used to dab her eyes.
She is a Sept. 11 widow. Her husband worked at the Windows on the World restaurant and died that day.

As an illegal immigrant — one of about 25 identified as having lost a family member when the World Trade Center came crashing down — she could face deportation at any time. So could her 17-year-old son, whom she implores to carry around his father's death certificate, in case someone asks him why he is in the U.S.

"I can't get a driver's license. I can't go to apply for a job. I can't work. I can't study. I can't fly. I can't do anything," the 38-year-old woman said in accented English this week as she described how her life in the U.S. is constrained by her illegal status. She spoke on condition that her name not be used, for fear she might be deported.

Study Calls for More Rights For Birth Mothers.

Feeling somewhat like an attorney, I agree in part, and disagree in part with a newly released study that calls for more rights for Birth Mothers who give up their children for adoption. Giving birth mothers all the counseling they need to make the right decision for themselves and the child is imperative. Giving them adequate time to make the decision is also a worthy goal that should be supported, though such additional time allowances could in some fashion diminish some couples interest in the adoption process, which is a bad thing. Where I strongly disagree, is in suggesting Birth Mothers should be given more rights in keeping track of their children after giving them up for adoption...their rights should all be front loaded in nature, and giving them rights of tracking their children after giving them up is not fair to the adoptive family.

Nov 19, 7:37 AM EST

More Rights Urged for Birth Mothers

AP National Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- Mothers deciding to place their infants for adoption deserve better counseling, more time to change their minds, and more support in trying to keep track of the children they relinquish, a leading adoption institute recommends in a sweeping new report.

The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute said its report, being issued Sunday, is the most comprehensive ever devoted to birth mothers, whom it described as "the least understood and most stigmatized participants" in the adoption process.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Snow and Bush, GET A CLUE...Pardon Border Patrol Agents, Deport 12-15 Million Illegals
Saturday, November 18, 2006
Amnesty For Border Patrol Agents

Am assuming here, that any one not living under a rock is familiar with this story...two border patrol agents sentenced to HARSH prison sentences for doing their job, while our court system gave IMMUNITY to a drug dealer/smuggler. There is a moment afoot to see these twoheroes granted Amnesty...a moment I support, which is why I am posting the groups message to all of my blogs. I hope you will support this cause, and support these two border agents.




Dear Friend:

North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones is leading a campaign to pardon two Border Patrol agents whose only "crime" was doing their jobs ... and he has asked for our help.

On October 19th, United States Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean were convicted and sentenced to 11 and 12 years in federal prison respectively for firing shots at a Mexican drug smuggler who brought 743 pounds of marijuana across the U.S. border!

And if we don't act immediately to prevent this outrage, Agents Ramos and Compean must surrender themselves to Federal authorities -- and will be sent to prison!

If you are already familiar with the story, please click here to send an email to the President, expressing your outrage over this blatant miscarriage of justice

Agent Ramos served the Border Patrol for 9 years and was a former nominee for Border Patrol Agent of the Year. Agent Compean had 5 years of experience as a border agent.

The two agents were vigorously prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office, but the smuggler was granted full immunity to testify against the agents!

Rep. Jones sent a letter to the White House to express his outrage over the President's indifference toward the plight of these two agents. "Despite my repeated requests for an investigation of this case, and a request by a dozen Members of Congress for the President to pardon these agents, this administration has ignored the concerns of countless citizens who have decried the unjust prosecution of these two heroes."

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow dismissed the idea of a Presidential pardon for these agents as ‘‘nonsensical.’’

Nonsense? What makes no sense at all is for the president to direct his U.S. Attorney's office to go after two dedicated BP agents while allowing a major drug smuggler to go free!

The drug smuggler, who was wounded while trying to escape, received full medical care (at taxpayer's expense); was permitted to return to Mexico; and is now suing the Border Patrol for $5 million for violating his civil rights!

What message does this kind of treatment send to all those other BP agents who risk their lives daily to stop the flow of drugs, illegal aliens and even terrorists across our 2500-mile-long Mexican border? No wonder the President's rating has plunged to below 30%

Please send your email today and then be sure to tell all of your friends and neighbors to visit our website so they can send their own messages to the President!

Thank you for your help and continued support for our work.

Best Regards,
Edward I. Nelson, Chairman

P.S. Please accept my apologies if you had asked to be removed from our files. We experienced a computer problem that corrupted our most recent datafile and I was forced to go back to an archived file that is held for emergency purposes. If you do not wish to receive our email alerts and eNewsletters, please click here to send an email to us so that we may remove your name from our database. Please be sure to put the word REMOVE on the subject line. Thank you.

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phone: 703-356-6567

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The i is DOTTED....Go Bucks

Ohio State has just done the Script Ohio, the i has been dotted, the game about to begin...GO BUCKS.

I pick Ohio State in a close one! (less than 7)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Citizen Challenges Senator Bayd on Gather!

The FIGHT IS ON! Citizen and netroots activist calls out Senator Bayd

The disccussion site sent out an email to their faithful announcing a series of discussions with KEY Washington insiders. First one on the list was/is Senator Evan Bayd to be followed next week by Newt Gingrich. Senator Bayd has walked into a BUZZ SAW, and is being called out. This blogger is DEMANDING REAL ANSWERS, and giving Senator Bayd some real truth from the middle class perspective, unwrapped and hard hitting.

Majority Leader Fight Was a Nice Side Bar, Now Let's Get Down To Business

Many of the pundits, especially Republican ones would have us the voting public believe that this weeks race for Majority Leader was/is in some way a defining moment for the Democrats, that Murtha's loss in some fashion has ruined Nancy Pelosi's reign as Speaker of the House before it ever began. Poppycock! It was the typcial infighting and positioning for political clout and power than makes Politics in Washington such a great spectator sport, but in the big picture of the new Democratically controlled Washington, it was a side show, something to keep us amused with while waiting for January when the Democrats take off.

Within a few days, the news media will be onto other stories that are already unfolding, such as George Bush's bold attempt to push through a large list of radical right wing judges in the Lame Duck session of Congress now in process. My suggestion on those judge's....the Democrats in the Senate need to close ranks and stall on them, on Bolton, on the NSA spying on Americans without a warrant debacle until the new 110th Congress. Concentrate on finishing off budget issues so that valuable time is not wasted in Janaury.

Pelosi won...a BIG CONGRATULATIONS is in order. Hoyer won, and again a big congratulations is in order. Murtha lost...I supported him, I'll get over it and move on, the sky has not fallen. The Democrats have bigger fish to fry, and the Republicans know this...they will do anything they can to paint a picture of discord where none exists. Murtha, Pelosi and Hoyer are all adults and will set aside this contest and begin working together as a TEAM to do what is right for America...something the Republicans were incapable of doing for 12 years.

Hoyer Beats Pelosi’s Pick in Race for No. 2 House Post

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 — House Democrats chose Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland as their majority leader today after a bruising fight that cast a cloud over the party’s post-election celebration.

The election of Mr. Hoyer over Representative John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania, by a vote of 149 to 86, was an embarrassing setback for Representative Nancy J. Pelosi of California, who will be Speaker of the House in the new Congress and who had backed Mr. Murtha.

Get Out Butter, Whacko Jacko Is Toast

This in from LONDON...Whacko Jacko, Mr. Jackson to some was a dismal FAILURE in his come back appearence, getting STAGE FRIGHT, and hiding out in his dressing room...I know, not my usual political stuff, but this guy needs to HANG IT UP already. Pity really, as at one time he was a musical genius.

The Times November 16, 2006

Jackson’s comeback wrecked by stage fright
By Adam Sherwin

THE king of pop made a faltering return to the public stage last night.

Mired in debt and tarnished by scandal, Michael Jackson, 48, chose the World Music awards at Earls Court in London to make his first public performance in nine years.

He had told organisers that he would re-create his Thriller video after being presented with the Diamond Award for selling more than 100 million albums. But the celebrities and public, who had paid up to £70 for a ticket, were left waiting for 30 minutes as Jackson suffered stage fright in his dressing room. BeyoncĂ©, who was being honoured in the show, comforted Jackson and persuaded him to sing.

Thriller was hastily performed as a “tribute” to Jackson by an American singer, Chris Brown. Jackson eventually shuffled on stage to a backing tape playing We Are the World. Accompanied by a group of London schoolchildren, Jackson completed one verse and one chorus.

The eccentric megastar thanked one of his children, whom he called “Blanket”.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What's Up at You Tube?

What is Google up to over at You Tube? They went down last night for some scheduled work on the site...usually the down time there is a few hours, worse case over night, and up and running again the next morning. Well, almost 2 in the afternoon, and the site is still down for tinkering. One has to wonder what vile gadgets and widgets Google is incorporating into the site with such a long upgrade time. Has the MARCH to Corporate Vanilla begun at our beloved You Tube? Has the time come to look for a new darling site on which to post our video creations and silliness?

Al Jazeera's American Launch

Political Pundits are falling all over themselves as they race to the airwaves to shout down the English Launch of Al Jazeera's, the English version. First big complaint or outrage to be expressed is the PROPAGANDA that would be spewed forth to the American, I am no fan of Al Jazeera, but let's be fair and balanced here. Have we all forgotten about Christian Bailey, the Lincoln Group's metioric rise to the top Pentagon Venders list, and the Iraqi Press Gate? It's fine and dandy for the Pentagon to dish out 3 $100 Million dollar contracts to spread Pentagon Propaganda to the masses in the Middle East, but let's not give Americans access to Al Jazeera? Just a bit hypocritical isn't it?

The next big arguement for throwing every road block in the world up against Al Jazeera getting a audience here in America, is their reporting style...if you listen to the rhetoric, it seems we Americans should not witness an insurgent sniper killing our troops up close and personal. Now, if you remember, Rumsfeld and the Pentagon have also banned the release of flagged draped coffins. Which raises an ugly question...could the REAL PROBLEM with letting Al Jazeera get a foot hold in the American market place have more to do with NOT LETTING US HAVE A REAL IMAGE OF THE HORRORS OF WAR? Just a thought on the subject.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Washington Agenda...The People's Agenda

Speaking Out, this citizen speaks to the elected officials on BOTH sides of the Isle.

A video response:

A Open Letter To All Members of Congress:

This email is being sent out to members of Congress on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. We the American People voted for change on November 7th, spoke loud and clear that we are tired of business as usual, tired of STAY THE COURSE, in Iraq, and in our Federal Government. It is time to return to a government run BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE, not a government run for and by the rich and elite.

One week into the new Washington, and it is already starting to SMELL like the old one did. So, since none of you seem to have a clue about what most Americans (which means the lower and middle class) want, we'll give you a clue. The peoples AGENDA.

1. Iraq War-Stop stalling, bring out Baker's report, and let's change the course. Changing the course does not mean changing the slogan, and letting Bush maintain the Status Quo there. There is a civil war raging, and our troops are caught in the middle. Regardless of what some think, Murtha had it's time for a NEW PLAN.

2. Illegal Aliens...yes, ILLEGAL ALIENS. We do not care how hard working they are, they are stealing our jobs, depressing our wages, and in many cases they are ruining our neighborhoods and lowering our property values...maybe some of you should get out into your districts and SEE what it is like to live next to a house with 30-40 illegal aliens living in it. We want our fence, we want ARMED troops on the border, we want ANYONE hiring illegals severely exceptions. We do not want Catholic Charities using OUR TAX money to run job centers, and we OPPOSE amnesty by any label including Earned Citizenship or a liberal Guest Worker program. It's TIME WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN. Immigration Reform should not be about winning over the Latino Vote, it should be about what is best FOR MOST AMERICANS.

3. Tax Cuts...we oppose of of them that have benefited the rich and elite, which is almost ALL OF THEM. Trickle down economics did not work under Reagan, and it is not working now. Stop saddling our children and their children with an out of control national debt.

4. Social Security...first, repay ALL THE IOU's! We want it SAVED, not privatized. Do not tell someone who has paid into the system for 34 of their 50 years of life that they ARE OUT OF LUCK.

5. Medical should be available for all LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

6. Prescription Drugs for our seniors...we want competitive bidding.

7. Minimum Wage...raising it to $7.25 and hour should be just the start. Ireland now has a minimum wage of $9.50 and hour and is thriving! The concept of a living wage has arrived, and Congress needs to make it happen.

8. Estate Tax....KEEP IT. Stop trying to throw millionaires and billionaires a bone.

9. Earmarks...get rid of them COMPLETELY.

10. Term Limits...we want them, and you people need to ENACT THEM.

There is more, but like Letterman, we'll start with the top ten. The Republican Dynasty collapsed in this election, and the Democrats are now on probation. If both sides of the aisle stop their infighting, and learn to work together FOR THE PEOPLE, there is a good chance that most if not all of you will be re-elected in 2008. However, stay the course inside the beltway, and we will toss ALL INCUMBENTS OUT, regardless of the party they claim as theirs.


Porgie Tirebiter

Clamp Down on Illegals Continues

In breaking news, communities in both Texas and Maryland have passed local ordinances cracking down on the Illegal Alien problem. The new ordinances will crack down on landlords and employers that CATER to the illegal population by hiring them, or providing them housing. Further, the new laws make English the official language, and allow police officers to question apprehended suspects about thier LEGAL STATUS. This should be a SERIOUS WARNING to Democrats even considering Amnesty, Earned Citizenship or a Guest Worker program leading to citizenship. WAKE UP WASHINGTON, we want deportations, and criminal prosecutions of all those who hire illegals, provide housing to illegals, or aide and abet them in remaining in America illegally...can we say CATHOLIC CHARITIES?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Deport The Woman, End the Story

There is no doubt that I am not overly friendly towards the 12-20 million illegal alien criminals that have invaded America...paint it any way you want, the reality is simple...they are here illegally, are stealing our jobs, are depressing our wages, and are using our Social Service system while we pay for it. Everyone talks about immigration reform, and I wonder why we do not talk about ENFORCING laws already on the books? How about ending the shell game, and punishing employers, landlords and churches who are breaking our immigration laws. How about getting ALL LEVELS of law enforcement into the game, and see them begin actually enforcing immigration laws, rather than ignoring them, and providing safe harbor for the illegals in America?

A perfect case in point is the illegal alien who locked herself up in a Church in the city of Chicago...the story has made the headlines yet again as her seven year old son (who has become a pawn in the debate, a poster child if you will) trots off to Mexico to plead for their involvement in the case. Hello, his MOM broke our laws, needs to be deported. Enough of the kid gloves, get a group of ICE agents and go get this woman from the church and deport her...end of the story, no further need for it to garner news ink.

It's not that I am cold blooded, I donate to charity, would give people a shirt off my back...but, I have no toleration for law breakers, and do not buy into illegals claims that they only want to better themselves...funny, drug dealers make that very same claim.

Boy in Deportation Flap Heads to Mexico
7 year-old Son of Immigration Activist Holed Up in Chicago Church Heads to Mexico

CHICAGO Nov 12, 2006 (AP)— The 7-year-old son of an immigration activist who has taken refuge in a church to avoid deportation left for Mexico on Sunday in search of support for his mother from legislators and President Vincente Fox.

Saul Arellano, who is an American citizen, will meet with members of the Mexican House of Representatives and Senate on Tuesday in an effort to get a resolution supporting Elvira Arellano's bid to stay in the United States.

Elvira Arellano was supposed to surrender to federal authorities for deportation to Mexico in August. Instead, she took refuge at the Adalberto United Methodist Church.

"It's just another added pressure," said Emma Lozano, executive director of immigration-rights group Centro Sin Fronteras, who will accompany the boy. "We really believe Mexico could use its influence more in supporting people like Elvira."

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Unions and Others Demanding Large Piece of Pie

In the now banished Republican Reich, special interest lobbyist and the K-Street gang seemed to be running the nation, doling out dollars to own votes, Congressman and, I am sure, a few Senators not yet named in various ongoing investigations. On November 7th voters spoke up very loud and clear...we are tired of special interest, lobbyist and BIG MONEY owning the electorial process, and we want meaningful change in Washington politics. No more shrinking middleclass, no Amnesty, no foreigners stealing our jobs and lowering our wages. We want an increase in minimum wage, we want our troops home from Iraq, and a way to clear off the federal deficit. So, have they listened to us, are the individual Americans who cast their votes going to have the voice they deserve?

Probably not...if you go visit "The Hill" blog, you'll find that the AFL/CIO is claiming to have WON the election for the Democrats, and in short demanding they be granted a LARGE VOICE in the 110th Congress. Now, I'd be the first to admit that the AFL/CIO helped in delivering the Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate, but was their help any more important than mine, or yours? I can count over 30,000 views of my blogs and video's railing against Sue Kelly here in New York's 19th district...a small number till you realize that John Hall won the election by well under 5,000 votes!

Sure, I'd love to have a voice, want the grassroots to have a seat at the negotiation table in Washington, but do not see this happening...there is already movement afoot to downplay the importance played by grassroots, bloggers and You Tuber folks. It's business as usual, and the big players are pushing and shoving us out of the way, pushing us back into the shadows. Sure, we'll see some sway given to Move On.Org and be told they are our voice, but they are not. Perhaps it is time to change the game, eliminate the majority party by creating a third, and even a fourth party, so there has to be negotiation and compromise to find consensus. Let the Independent Party grow and prosper, maybe give space to the Green's Party as well. Could a four party system, even a five party system be any worse than what we have right now? Would such a scenerio eliminate a lot of the lobbying and special interest money owning Washington? It's a thought worth thinking on as we look to the 2008 Presidential Election.

Union Voters Deliver on Election Day
November 12th, 2006

You know the “thumping” President Bush acknowledged Wednesday? Union voters delivered it.

A close look at exit polling shows the rest of the country split evenly, 49-49 percent, between votes for Democrats and Republicans. But Democrats won the union vote by huge margins–by 30 percentage points among union household voters and by 50 percentage points among AFL-CIO union members.

Our election-night survey by Peter D. Hart Research Associates shows members of AFL-CIO unions supported Democratic candidates by a 74-percent to 26-percent margin in House races and by 73 percent to 27 percent in battleground Senate races.

Unions are not an arm of the Democratic Party, and we base our endorsements not on party affiliation but on individual candidates’ records on working family issues. This year’s election, however, pitted Democratic candidates against a congressional majority that has a record of downright hostility to regular working people, rubber-stamping the anti-worker policies of the Bush administration.