Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Middle Instability...Murder in Lebanon

Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, one of the leading anti Syrian politicians
has been killed. The timing could not be worse, coming after pro Syrian members of the Cabinet resigned. He was shot in the streets of a Christian area...here is the beginning of the story from BBC.

Lebanese Christian leader killed

Gemayel's death is the latest in a series of assassinations in Lebanon
Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, a Maronite Christian leader, has been killed in the capital, Beirut.
Mr Gemayel, a leading anti-Syrian politician, was reportedly shot in the street in a Christian suburb and rushed to hospital, where he died.

His death comes amid a political crisis in Lebanon, following the resignation of six pro-Syrian cabinet members.

Mr Gemayel was a member of the Phalange Party and the son of former President Gemayel Amin.

Gunmen opened fire on Mr Gemayel's convoy as it travelled through Sin el-Fil neighbourhood, Reuters news agency quoted security sources as saying.

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