Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The New Washington...Three Top Stories in News

As the old say goes, it's all over as the Fat Lady is singing, and the GOP is weeping
as it becomes clear that the Democrats took both the House and the Senate in Election
2006! Webb has been crowned by the Associated Press, and Cooper Anderson just announced that Allen is expected to resign some time tomorrow. What a difference a day makes, and you can feel the Tsunami descending on the corridors of Congress, and rushing towards the White House in today's news cycle.

There is a GOD! The same problems are facing America's military today as were on the table yesterday, but Rumsfeld is GONE. I guess even Laura and George's dog had given up on him, as they are still there, but the Bull in the Pentagon is gone, and none to soon by most people's thinking. Many of the defeated moderate Republican are none to happy at the timing, believing his firing last week could have perhaps saved their seats.

In Bush's statements to the press, after admitting that his party took a THUMPING, he said he and Rumsfeld had agreed that the timing for his departure was RIGHT...who are we kidding, he was fired, and Bush really had no choice. The winds of change are blowing through Washington, and the first dead branch has been ripped from the tree of evil.

Rumsfeld Steps Down As Secretary Of Defense
NY1 - 6 hours ago
Many congressional races around the nation were won Tuesday by candidates who said that the president's war policy needs to change and now, less than a day after a bruising midterm election where Republicans lost control of Congress, Defense Secretary ...
Rumsfeld quits after Republicans' Iraq-driven loss Reuters
Robert M. Gates Profile Washington Post - Guardian Unlimited - Monsters and - Boston Herald
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As mentioned above, this is all but reality, all of us waiting for the dawn of day two of the Democratic juggernaut to have it announced officially. From presidential hopeful to defeated Senator, Allen must be smarting. Maybe he can find a home on the same block with Tom DeLay and they can do whine and cheese together.

Democrats close to taking Senate
The Australian - 4 hours ago
DEMOCRATS closed overnight on adding the US Senate to their stunning election triumph in the House of Representatives but faced a long wait to see whether they would get the final seat needed for victory.
Rumsfeld quits as Democrats sweep US election
How recounts would happen in Virginia and Montana
Guardian Unlimited - Irish Examiner - Free Market News Network - San Jose Mercury News
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This last article is perhaps the BIGGEST of them all. Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker of the House, all but a heartbeat away from being President of the United States. It's big for several reasons, including hearing the SHATTERING of that glass ceiling. Further, this could bode well for Hilliary's run for President in 2008, as the Democrats now have two years to get America used to seeing a woman in a position of Governmental Power. I'd say the Democratic wins last night, and Nancy Pelosi being elevated to Speaker of the House just increased Hilliary's stock values by around 10 on a scale of 1-100. So, who do you think would make the best running mate for Hilliary, and give the Democratic Party the best shot of winning the White House in 2008?

Pelosi: first woman Speaker of the House
The Herald, UK - 1 hour ago
NANCY Pelosi is only two heartbeats away from the US presidency itself. As the first woman to become Speaker of the House of Representatives ...
Pelosi Expecting to Get call From President Bush KNX1070
Pelosi slated for speaker Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Woman stands to become US speaker for first time in history Siberian News Online

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