Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Has The Time Come For Americans To Defend Our Borders And Our Homes Ourselves?

To understand some Americans and their anger where illegal aliens are concerned, you first have to go back in time, back to 1986, back to the great Reagan Era Illegal Alien Amnesty with all of its false and unkept promises. The old saying states that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Reagan and those in office promised Americans that we were seeing the last Amnesty, that after it went to in effect, our laws would be enforced, employers would be punished, and those here illegally would be deported back to their home country...we as Americans believed those promises, bought into the lie and Amnesty was signed into law over the skepticism of America, and with many angry it happened at all, who believed it would not work.

That amnesty did not work, and now some six years into the Bush Presidency, a full twenty years from that last failed presidency, we are faced with the same issues, the same problems, but this time they are bigger, more magnified that one could have ever pictured. Sadly, if the political winds blowing through this once fine land are any example, our government learned nothing from history, are not only doomed, but EAGER to repeat history again, prepared, with the help of traitorous help from a newly elected Democratic Majority, to force amnesty down the throats of America yet again, legalizing the stealing of our jobs, the depression of our wages, the ruination of many of our lower and middle class communities in the name of CHEAP WAGES, and in the hopes of winning the Latino voting block.

Two reports today should have Americans up in arms, show that Washington did not listen to us on November 7th, and have no intentions of bringing us change. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to beat their drums of bipartisanship, and speak of their GRAND AGENDA for the first 100 hours of the 110th Congress, the crowning jewel of that time frame a raise in the minimum wage to $7.25 (supposedly promised as a stand alone piece of legislation). First, if the average America looks at this promise, it's NOT ENOUGH, and even worse, if not coupled with serious border and immigration enforcement, and the deportation of millions of illegal aliens, may be a detriment to those LEGAL AMERICANS on the lowest rungs of our economic ladder. If low life, fetid, repugnant, law breaking companies and employers are already hiring illegals now because they work for less, isn't and increase in the minimum wage without dealing with this issue going to see even more companies following suit?

The Freshman Class positions on immigration reform are out, and they are at best very disappointing. The first thing noticeable, is what is missing...any mention of how to deal with the 12-20 million illegal aliens, and their 4 million anchor babies...a very disturbing and telling absence, proof that Pelosi has Democrats GOOSESTEPPING TOWARDS AMNESTY. Secondly, though many Democratic Freshman CLAIM they want enforcement first, they lay out no plan for such enforcement, while at the same time saying they do not embrace the building of the fence that we Americans had already been promised, had already seen signed into law. In short, a move is afoot to eliminate any fence, to backtrack from a bill already signed into law. If this is the message coming out of the Freshman Class, you already know what the Democratic Party's position is....sell out the middle class they promised to protect in the Fall Election to get elected. Sell out American workers to BIG BUSINESS and the racist La Raza/Latino Agenda, and begin the implementation of Bush's One World Order call to create a North American Union by the year 2010.

Much like the Jews at the beginning of the Holocaust, America's lower and middle classes have remained quiet, even meek, hoping against hope that if we behaved ourselves, kept quiet and went along, that our government would come to its senses, would protect us, our jobs, our homes, our communities.

Sadly, it has not worked, and Americans are the victims of a Job Holocaust that is threatening to steal away our way of life, all in the name of Cheap Wages, all in the name of La Raza (the one race). We are being boxed in, slowly forced into submission and eventual slavery at the hands of the rich and elite who wish to be our masters, us their surfs. If you doubt this, ask yourself this simple question, "Do you think your children will be better off than your generation has been?" There are no gas chambers, no furnaces, but leave no doubt...the middle class here in America is being deliberately, systematically eradicated, we are both witnessing and the victims of a massive extermination like none ever before witnessed in the history of the world, a Class Holocaust whose numbers dwarf even those of Nazi Germany's extermination of the Jews.

Pick up your phones and call to report illegals living in the home right next to yours, packed in like sardines and they laugh at you, could care less. Report a company or individual hiring illegals, same response. We have SS like public officials like Michael Bloomberg of New York who openly DEFY federal laws, go on TV to openly state that his city, his big companies need ILLEGALS, and the cheap labor they represent. Like some sinister agent of the AMNESTY Gestapo he openly stomps on any one who speaks out against illegals, or tries to have our laws enforced when it comes to cracking down on illegals and those who hire them...Mayor's like him in a sense are the gate keepers of the modern day Concentration Camps meant to keep American Workers out, instead of being locked in.

Leave no doubt, we have been targeted for extermination, the weapon of choice financial strangulation. So the question becomes, what to do if our own government, those sworn to protect us refuse to do their jobs? If our government is bent on granting Amnesty to illegals, and providing even more avenues for them to invade our towns and cities, give them a means by which to steal even more of our jobs, what options have we left? If our government refuse to close our border, do we have any choice but to close it ourselves, using our legal rights to bear arms, our legal right to protect our properties and way of life as justification for the actions that we take? Harsh questions, but it was only last month we heard about the story of a Mexican Drug Dealer being given immunity from prosecution while to Border Patrol Agents were WRONGFULLY sentenced to long prison terms for doing their jobs. Perhaps the time has sadly come for a citizens militia, a group of true Americas who will willingly stand up to do the work our government refuses to do.

How many armed American Heroes from the middle class would it take to secure our Southern Border with Mexico? Ten per mile, or should it be 20? Let's have a nice round number of say 50,000 Armed citizens, each of them being paid by a citizens enforcement fund, a privatized border protection service run for and by the middle class. At a salary of $50,000 a year, we need $2,500,000,000 (2.5 Billion) dollars. That sounds like a lot until you divide by say 150,000,000 lower and middle class citizens. Ask yourselves....if you could secure our Southern Border, stop the flow of illegal aliens into America, end the depression of your wages, would you be willing to contribute $25.00 for each person in your house to such a cause? With that small donation, we could easily hire, arm and outfit a citizens army to our Southern Border, buy vehicles, begin building infrastructure, such as our own fences. What if we double that $25 to $50.00 so that we could hire our own work force enforcement officers, retain attorneys to bring civil claims against any one targeted as hiring, aiding or abetting an illegal.

We the middle class are under attack. Our government has not, and is not heeding our call. Our wages are depressed, our jobs are being stolen, and many of us are losing the value of our homes as illegals move in and take over our neighborhoods. The time has come to take action, rather than wasting our time sending faxes and making calls to and electorate who will not listen, will not heed our calls for change. So, the question I ask of all Americans in the Lower and Middle Class...would you support such a private mobilization of our citizens to deal with this issue head on? If you have four people in your home, is it worth $200 per year to you knowing that the illegal alien problem is being dealt with instead of being ignored? Would you support a Minuteman type organization on steroids if they accomplished the work your government refuses to even begin? Corporations already have their own private armies, already have tens of thousands of well trained Corporate Mercenaries ready to do their bidding for a price...isn't it time that America's lower and middle class incorporates itself and lays claim to these self same protections of our own?

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