Saturday, November 11, 2006

On This Day...Remember and Honor Their Sacrifice

Today is Veteran's Day...on this day, let's all set aside our differences and honor the sacrifices of those who proudly serve in our United States Armed Forces. Everyone, anyone who serves, or has served deserves our respect, and our support for the selfless sacrifice they show in serving the Red, White and Blue, here, and all around the world. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, conservative, liberal, straight or gay, religious, does not matter from what walk of life, way of life, religious or political affliation they came from, people from every walk of life have sacrificed and shed their blood for the United States of America, and on this one day of the year, let us all set aside our differences for 24 hours and honor their service. For one say, may we all unite behind the simple task of honoring those who serve.

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