Saturday, November 11, 2006

FOX...Drop Republican SLANT, or FAIL

If any one has been following show rankings, one thing is crystal clear. Show's such as The O'Reilly (Unfair and Unbalanced) Factor, and Hannity and Colmes are rapidly losing market share as they continue to rail away at the Democrats, showing thier own special brand of bigoted hatred of the so called Liberal Dems. As their ratings continue to slide into the toilet, with them go lucrative commercial revenues. So, move it (to the center) or lose it.
Nor more can FOX News Channel afford to be the MOUTH PIECE of George Walker Bush and the Republican Third Reich. Gone are the days when Hannity can invite rabid Republican shrews such as Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter on to their shows to spend five minutes poking sticks at the Democrats. To the victors go the spoils, and it looks like CNN is making major headway in taking FOX's lost base of viewers.

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