Thursday, November 23, 2006

Breaking News (BBC) At Least 132 Dead In Bomb

Details still coming in, but in breaking news just in on the BBC, a bomb blast in Sadr city has killed at least 132. On this special day where we are all home safe and preparing for our feasts, lets remember our troops in harms way, and say a prayer for the people of Iraq.

Baghdad blasts 'kill 132 people'

At least 132 people have been killed in a series of blasts in the Shia Sadr City area of the Iraqi capital, police and medical sources say. Details are still sketchy, but a further 200 people were reportedly wounded in three car bombs and at least one mortar blast.

In one attack a car exploded at a food market which is a regular target of mainly Sunni Muslim insurgents.

Elsewhere, gunmen attacked the health ministry, sparking battles with guards.

In Sadr City, a car exploded in the Jamila food market, where eyewitnesses told reporters burned bodies and human flesh littered the ground.

UPDATE Just In From New York Times...Death Toll Rising in Thanksgiving Day Attack

At Least 144 Killed in Attacks in Baghdad

Published: November 23, 2006
Filed at 10:16 a.m. ET

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Police report that suicide bombings and mortar attacks on Sadr City, Baghdad's Shiite slum, killed 144 and wounded 236.

The bombs and mortar shells struck at 15 minute intervals beginning about 3 p.m., with the first suicide bombing killing about 10 people in a vegetable market.

Angry residents and armed militiamen flooded the streets hurling curses at Sunni Muslims.

Heavy clashes broke out Thursday afternoon between gunmen and guards at the Shiite-controlled Health Ministry building in north Baghdad, security officials said.

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