Sunday, November 19, 2006

Study Calls for More Rights For Birth Mothers.

Feeling somewhat like an attorney, I agree in part, and disagree in part with a newly released study that calls for more rights for Birth Mothers who give up their children for adoption. Giving birth mothers all the counseling they need to make the right decision for themselves and the child is imperative. Giving them adequate time to make the decision is also a worthy goal that should be supported, though such additional time allowances could in some fashion diminish some couples interest in the adoption process, which is a bad thing. Where I strongly disagree, is in suggesting Birth Mothers should be given more rights in keeping track of their children after giving them up for adoption...their rights should all be front loaded in nature, and giving them rights of tracking their children after giving them up is not fair to the adoptive family.

Nov 19, 7:37 AM EST

More Rights Urged for Birth Mothers

AP National Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- Mothers deciding to place their infants for adoption deserve better counseling, more time to change their minds, and more support in trying to keep track of the children they relinquish, a leading adoption institute recommends in a sweeping new report.

The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute said its report, being issued Sunday, is the most comprehensive ever devoted to birth mothers, whom it described as "the least understood and most stigmatized participants" in the adoption process.

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