Thursday, November 9, 2006

Give Bloggers/You Tubers Their Due

The elections are over, and everyone seems to be fighting over who should get credit for the Democratic Victory at the polls. In short, it's the proverbial POWER GRAB as everyone decides who should have special access to our elected officials inside the beltway. One thing is apparent as this dance unfolds...THE OLD GUARD wants to minimize the effect that Bloggers and You Tubers had on this election, want to deny credit where credit is due. In short, they want to keep us from wielding power within the House and Senate, want to keep us lined up against the wall watching the dance, instead of being a part of it.
Politicians do so at their own peril, and no matter example of this can be found than New York's 19th Congressional District where John Hall scored a STUNNING upset win over incumbent Sue Kelly. The National Democratic Party sat on their hands, threw little money into this race until the closing moments when it became apparent that WE COULD WIN. We were in a position to win to a great degree because of grassroots activist who used the Internet and its resources to relentlessly attack Sue Kelly and her record. The charge was led by the folks over at Take 19 who weighed into this election 18 months ago, and NEVER LET UP. Sue Kelly's flanks were attacked at every turn by people like Porgie Tirebiter who never stopping putting up posts and video's attacking Sue Kelly and the Republican Party.
John Hall's win happened because a whole lot of people worked hard to make it happened. John Hall's friends from the music industry such as Bonnie Raitt and Pete Seager were there when it was most needed. The unions were instrumental as well a army of grassroots volunteers who worked tirelessly clear up to the end for John Hall, and BLOGGERS. We all played a part, we all deserve a chance to be a part of the dance.
In handing out credit for this huge Democratic Win, don't be stingy with handing out slices of the pie. On liners played their part and we deserve credit along with everyone else, and it is time we be given our chance to play, our chance to have access to those within the halls of Congress.

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