Thursday, November 16, 2006

Get Out Butter, Whacko Jacko Is Toast

This in from LONDON...Whacko Jacko, Mr. Jackson to some was a dismal FAILURE in his come back appearence, getting STAGE FRIGHT, and hiding out in his dressing room...I know, not my usual political stuff, but this guy needs to HANG IT UP already. Pity really, as at one time he was a musical genius.

The Times November 16, 2006

Jackson’s comeback wrecked by stage fright
By Adam Sherwin

THE king of pop made a faltering return to the public stage last night.

Mired in debt and tarnished by scandal, Michael Jackson, 48, chose the World Music awards at Earls Court in London to make his first public performance in nine years.

He had told organisers that he would re-create his Thriller video after being presented with the Diamond Award for selling more than 100 million albums. But the celebrities and public, who had paid up to £70 for a ticket, were left waiting for 30 minutes as Jackson suffered stage fright in his dressing room. BeyoncĂ©, who was being honoured in the show, comforted Jackson and persuaded him to sing.

Thriller was hastily performed as a “tribute” to Jackson by an American singer, Chris Brown. Jackson eventually shuffled on stage to a backing tape playing We Are the World. Accompanied by a group of London schoolchildren, Jackson completed one verse and one chorus.

The eccentric megastar thanked one of his children, whom he called “Blanket”.

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