Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Al Jazeera's American Launch

Political Pundits are falling all over themselves as they race to the airwaves to shout down the English Launch of Al Jazeera's, the English version. First big complaint or outrage to be expressed is the PROPAGANDA that would be spewed forth to the American, I am no fan of Al Jazeera, but let's be fair and balanced here. Have we all forgotten about Christian Bailey, the Lincoln Group's metioric rise to the top Pentagon Venders list, and the Iraqi Press Gate? It's fine and dandy for the Pentagon to dish out 3 $100 Million dollar contracts to spread Pentagon Propaganda to the masses in the Middle East, but let's not give Americans access to Al Jazeera? Just a bit hypocritical isn't it?

The next big arguement for throwing every road block in the world up against Al Jazeera getting a audience here in America, is their reporting style...if you listen to the rhetoric, it seems we Americans should not witness an insurgent sniper killing our troops up close and personal. Now, if you remember, Rumsfeld and the Pentagon have also banned the release of flagged draped coffins. Which raises an ugly question...could the REAL PROBLEM with letting Al Jazeera get a foot hold in the American market place have more to do with NOT LETTING US HAVE A REAL IMAGE OF THE HORRORS OF WAR? Just a thought on the subject.

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