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Addresing Washingron Drivel From The Hill

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Addressing Odds and Ends From Washington

First, so that the members of Congress discussed here have full disclosure, this post will also be shared on Porgie's News and a Google Search, sure you'll find it. Seems as the clock ticks down to the upcoming Democratically controlled 110th Congress, we are seeing LOTS of promises, while behind closed doors America's middle class is being sold down the river...IE, don't suppose Nancy Pelosi would care to come to this blog and explain in straight forward HONEST WORDS why she and her Democratic cohorts are planning on abandoning the 700 mile fence that has already been signed into law, and trying to find a way to quietly SNEAK Amnesty past American citizens.

First UP...Department of Justice

How convenient that the Department of Justice is suddenly opting for an investigation of the NSA spying they really think we are that stupid? This investigation should NOT STOP THE DEMOCRATS from conducting a Congressional Investigation of their own on this important breech of our civil rights. NY Democrat Rep. Maurice Hinchey had this to say on the issue:

Following requests from myself, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and other House members, for an investigation of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) warrantless surveillance program, U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General Glenn A. Fine yesterday informed me that his office has opened a review of the agency’s involvement with the program.

and this:

I must say that after trying for nearly a year to get DOJ to conduct an investigation of the NSA’s warrantless spy program, I am very pleased to learn that the agency’s Inspector General is finally opening an investigation that we were made to believe would never happen. While I’m glad that the White House finally relented and granted additional clearances for DOJ officials to conduct an investigation, I can’t help but be skeptical about the timing. I wonder whether this reversal is only coming now after the election as an attempt to appease Democrats in Congress who have been critical of the NSA program and will soon be in control and armed with subpoena power.

Like Hinchey, the Washington Scandal finds the timing of this investigation more than a little suspect. As they say, "Let the investigations begin" and if in the process we bring down that snide little weasel who plays the part of the attorney general, so much the better. This grassrooter would love to see Bush's entire cabinet impeached for incompetence and stupidity, and lets not forget plain old fashion arrogance.

NEXT UP...Wyo. GOP Sen. Mike Enzi misleading and misquided remarks about the economy.
Though he may be somewhat on target about the opportunity awaiting college graduates, those opportunities are tempered with the reality that our government is cheapening thier earning power by granting far to many H21 visa's, which allow companies to hire foreign workers in high skill jobs for almost $14,000 less than their American counter parts. Seems odd to me that a Senator has the unmitigated gall to tout a great economy while at the same time screwing the American worker.

Further, his callous remarks fail to mention how bad the economy is for American Workers in the lower 1/3 of work force because of ILLEGAL ALIENS depressing wages, and stealing jobs. If Congress and the Senate really want to do something for the Middle Class, it is pretty simple...shut down the jobs magnet for illegals, build our fence, and begin deporting those working here illegally. We voted for change, NOT AMNESTY.

LAST ONE TONIGHT FOLKS...Over the weekend, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer was blathering about the Democratic Pledge...lets TALK about that pledge, and the false promises we so far are being fed.

THE SUPPOSED PLEDGE, with my suggestions intersperced as an average Middle Class American.

1.) We will and must change the way things are done in Washington.

You want to effect change in Washington, then first and foremost END ALL FREE TRAVEL paid for by any one, and end CHEAP TRAVEL on corporate and private planes. We can see how special interest is trying to WATER DOWN this reform, don't let them do it. All those SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS amount to SPECIAL ACCESS to our elected officials, and our Congressmen/women were sent to Washington to work for OUR DISTRICTS, not far flung business interests trying to buy influence.

2.) We will work with the President and our Republican colleagues in Congress to forge a new direction in Iraq.

Curious...have you bothered to look at Press Secretary Snow's recent ramblings on the War in Iraq? If you think Bush is budging short of a threat to impeach the bastard, you are sadly mistaken. Your options, and the presidents options are limited. If we stay, we have to use overwhelming force, and that means at least 500,000 troops on the ground, and that reality means bringing back the draft. The other choice is bringing our troops home, and that means A) unfunding the war because its the only way Bush will give in, or B) impeach him. Don't give us any of this reaching across the isle bipartisan BULLCHIT....when it comes to Iraq, the President holds the cards, but you hold the purse is that simple.

3.) We will address the concerns and issues that affect the lives of working families.

Address the concerns of the WORKING FAMILY...which working family, the ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKING FAMILY, or the LEGAL AMERICAN WORKING FAMILY? Come on, the word is out on the street, and to win the Latino voting block, the Democrats want to ABANDON THE FENCE, and sneak through AMNESTY in the name of Earned Citizenship....let me give you a CLUE. Deport the law breakers, arrest those who hire illegals and put them in prison, and close the ANCHOR BABY LOOP HOLE if you really want to HELP America's working families. Anything short of that, and everyone of you in Washington are lying SCUM.

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