Tuesday, November 21, 2006

US Muslims Upset...WHO CARES?

Seems that US Muslims are all in a tither over six Imams tossed off a plane...my response...TOO BAD, get used to it. Like it or not, based on the very real FACT that most terrorists are are Muslim/Islamic, we have every right not to trust, have every right to feel uncomfortable with you individually and as a group being on a plane with us. If other passengers on a plane feel uncomfortable, even fearful by your presense, you SHOULD BE REMOVED.

The Imams were attending a conference on building bridges with westerns...a simple enough task if they are serious. Stop supporting terrorists, stop believing your religion gives you the right to wage jihad, stop thinking the rest of the world has no choice but to accept and embrace your religious beliefs...we don't, so get over it, leave us alone, stop killing our innocents. Until you do those things, until terrorist attacks at the hands of Muslims stop, you are NOT TRUSTED. Want to call that PROFILING...I'm fine with that, and would hazzard a guess that most Americans are. If I were on a plane, and six Imams walked onto the plane, I would IMMEDIATELY raise concerns to the aircraft staff, and encourage other passengers to do the same.

It's simple...as humans, we have to mitigate our risks...being on a plane right now with six Imams is not a risk most of us feel we should have to take. As for those Imams having trouble finding a flight home...let them drive.

U.S. Muslims outraged after imams kicked off plane
Tue Nov 21, 2006 12:33pm ET
By Michael Conlon

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Muslim leaders expressed outrage on Tuesday after six imams were removed from a commercial airline flight in Minnesota for what they said was nothing more than trying to say evening prayers. (Say your prayers when you GET OFF PLANE...especially if they are not spoken in ENGLISH.)

"They were treated like terrorists ... humiliated," said Abu Hannoud, civil rights director for the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who said the men were taken off the US Airways flight in handcuffs. (Standard procedure for suspicious people...again, get over it.)

He said the men were still trying to find a flight back to Phoenix where most are affiliated with a major mosque after the carrier refused them passage following the incident on Monday evening.
(Who cares what they are affliated with? They need to stop their whining...our safety takes precedent.)

"We are concerned that crew members, passengers and security personnel may have succumbed to fear and prejudice based on stereotyping of Muslims and Islam," added Nihad Awad, executive director of the council, in a statement from the group's Washington headquarters. (Again...get over it! What is some passengers WERE CONCERNED...who was it that flew planes into our Twin Towers? If the terrorists had been from Sweden, we would be leery of six buxom blondes getting onto a plane and speaking funny.)

"We call on relevant authorities to investigate whether proper procedures were followed by security personnel and members of the US Airways flight crew," he said. (They looked suspicious, made folks uncomfortable...end of story.)

The group said the men told it they were accused of "suspicious activity," which they believed was only their attempt to pray. (Do these Imam's know what COMMONSENSE is?)

Hannoud said in an interview that the men had been attending a three-day meeting of the North American Imams Federation in the Minneapolis area "discussing how to build bridges" between Muslims and American society, and that the FBI and local police had been informed in advance about the meeting.

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