Friday, November 10, 2006

We Want Our Fence...Calderon Mind Your Own Business

The elections are over, Rumsfeld is gone, and it seems Washington (with pressure from Mexico's incoming president Calderon) is trying to renege on it's promise to the American people to build a 700 mile fence, and crack down on illegal aliens. Well, here's a WAKE UP CALL TO THE DEMS who are about to take office...I voted for you, because I am tired of the lies and corruption in Washington, BUT I WANT THE FENCE, and will vote against every one of you at a local, state and federal level in 2008 if you do not follow through on the building of this much needed deterent to illegal immigration.
Washington needs to get a SERIOUS CLUE. If they are here illegally, WE WANT THEM TO BE DEPORTED. If they are hiring illegals, we want them imprisoned and harshly fined. If they are helping them (Catholic Charities) in remaining in America illegally, we want them imprisoned. The law is the law, and it is time we as lower and middle class citizens stop paying the price for Corporations love affair with CHEAP SLAVE LABOR. It's time Mexico deal with it's own problems, and stop lowering our citizens standard of living by sending their citizens here to steal our jobs. In short, if you cannot come here LEGALLY, we DO NOT WANT YOU HERE.
WASHINGTON — Divided over a border fence, President Bush and Mexico's
president-elect pledged on Thursday to work together on stopping illegal
Felipe Calderon, who takes office on Dec. 1, has called the U.S. plan to build a 700-mile fence along the border "deplorable" and compared it to the construction of the Berlin Wall. After a meeting in the Oval Office, the leaders struck a tone of cooperation.

"I expressed to President Bush my concern regarding the issue of migration," Calderon said through an interpreter. "President Bush was very open to all the arguments that I presented to him. We both stressed the need to have a comprehensive vision with which we can move forward."

Bush signed the law authorizing the fence on Oct. 26. He wants more — temporary
worker permits for foreigners willing to take low-wage jobs and a path for illegal immigrants working in the United States for some time to become citizens. But Congress has not agreed. Bush said Thursday that Mexico is a priority for his administration. He said he stands by his push for a comprehensive immigration overhaul.

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