Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Washington Agenda...The People's Agenda

Speaking Out, this citizen speaks to the elected officials on BOTH sides of the Isle.

A video response:

A Open Letter To All Members of Congress:

This email is being sent out to members of Congress on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. We the American People voted for change on November 7th, spoke loud and clear that we are tired of business as usual, tired of STAY THE COURSE, in Iraq, and in our Federal Government. It is time to return to a government run BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE, not a government run for and by the rich and elite.

One week into the new Washington, and it is already starting to SMELL like the old one did. So, since none of you seem to have a clue about what most Americans (which means the lower and middle class) want, we'll give you a clue. The peoples AGENDA.

1. Iraq War-Stop stalling, bring out Baker's report, and let's change the course. Changing the course does not mean changing the slogan, and letting Bush maintain the Status Quo there. There is a civil war raging, and our troops are caught in the middle. Regardless of what some think, Murtha had it right...it's time for a NEW PLAN.

2. Illegal Aliens...yes, ILLEGAL ALIENS. We do not care how hard working they are, they are stealing our jobs, depressing our wages, and in many cases they are ruining our neighborhoods and lowering our property values...maybe some of you should get out into your districts and SEE what it is like to live next to a house with 30-40 illegal aliens living in it. We want our fence, we want ARMED troops on the border, we want ANYONE hiring illegals severely punished...no exceptions. We do not want Catholic Charities using OUR TAX money to run job centers, and we OPPOSE amnesty by any label including Earned Citizenship or a liberal Guest Worker program. It's TIME WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN. Immigration Reform should not be about winning over the Latino Vote, it should be about what is best FOR MOST AMERICANS.

3. Tax Cuts...we oppose of of them that have benefited the rich and elite, which is almost ALL OF THEM. Trickle down economics did not work under Reagan, and it is not working now. Stop saddling our children and their children with an out of control national debt.

4. Social Security...first, repay ALL THE IOU's! We want it SAVED, not privatized. Do not tell someone who has paid into the system for 34 of their 50 years of life that they ARE OUT OF LUCK.

5. Medical Coverage...it should be available for all LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

6. Prescription Drugs for our seniors...we want competitive bidding.

7. Minimum Wage...raising it to $7.25 and hour should be just the start. Ireland now has a minimum wage of $9.50 and hour and is thriving! The concept of a living wage has arrived, and Congress needs to make it happen.

8. Estate Tax....KEEP IT. Stop trying to throw millionaires and billionaires a bone.

9. Earmarks...get rid of them COMPLETELY.

10. Term Limits...we want them, and you people need to ENACT THEM.

There is more, but like Letterman, we'll start with the top ten. The Republican Dynasty collapsed in this election, and the Democrats are now on probation. If both sides of the aisle stop their infighting, and learn to work together FOR THE PEOPLE, there is a good chance that most if not all of you will be re-elected in 2008. However, stay the course inside the beltway, and we will toss ALL INCUMBENTS OUT, regardless of the party they claim as theirs.


Porgie Tirebiter

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