Thursday, November 9, 2006

People and Family Trump Big Business?

Pelosi just had lunch with the about changing times! As the dust settles from the 2006 Elections, Big Business seems to be waiting with baited breath for the Democratic Agenda to come out.Their fear...people and families will come first in the 110th Congress for the first time in over a decade. Some areas to keep close watch over?

I'm guessing we'll see the drug industry getting some serious scrutiny, and look for competive bidding to become a reality where prescription drugs are concerned. The minimum wage will be raised to $7.25 and hour, and it is doubtful the President can veto such a bill, though I find the raise woefully inadequate after ten years of STAGNANT wages. If you look at the cost of living here in America, it is unrealistic to expect most urban workers to survice financially on $7.25 and hour, and 25 percent of our population lives within such a reality. So far, there is almost no news on how Illegal Immigration will be handled, but Mexico's incoming President Calderon is making a whole lot of noise, and the National Chamber of Commerse (as usual) is quietly supporting his prattle. End ILLEGAL MIGRATION into America from Mexico, and we put and end to CHEAP WAGES, and it is that simple.
My own suggestion...eliminate many of the penalties and constraints for the middle class in being able to access their 401 retirement accounts. As a personal example, with real estate in the dumper right now, I could earn a much better return on my money pulling it out of the Mutual Funds it is stuck in, and purchasing half a dozen rental properties at bargain basement prices, but Federal Laws and restrictions preclude me from making such a financial decision.
What the New Congress Will Mean for Business
By Lori Montgomery and Steven Mufson

Washington Post Staff WritersThursday, November 9, 2006; Page D01
Democrats wasted no time yesterday proclaiming a new era in Washington, pledging to put middle-class economic issues at the top of their agenda. They promised fresh scrutiny of drug prices, corporate profits, international trade and more.

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