Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The Time has come to UNFUND THE WAR, and push for Impeachment of President George Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Secretary of State Condi Rice. This in from Washington Scandal Blog.

Bush Destroying American Military, DRAFT ON WAY

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

For starters, all the signs are there...the DRAFT is on it's way back in. As it is, the military, even with its blood bonus money, and increasing the age limit of recruits cannot meet it's quota, and on top of that, both the Army and Marines are going to be asking incoming Secretary of Defense Gates for more TROOPS, wanting to push the total ready force to 512,000, which is up almost 30,000. Furthermore, our troop number are in danger of collapsing...otherwise, why would top GENERALS be prepared to ask Secretary Gates and Bush to wave the frequency and duration limits for both National and Army Guard units? The numbers are not working, Bush has managed to all but KILL our military ground forces readiness capabilities, and if parents have a lick of sense, they are encouraging their children NOT TO ENLIST in this man's Army in the current political situation...let Bush send his two cunt bitch daughters off to die, instead of banging cheap second class low life's down in Argentina....OH GEE GEORGE, did I offend you? Are you going to put the NSA on me now...would not surprise me, you have NO RESPECT for the rule of law, NOR OUR CIVIL RIGHTS HERE IN AMERICA...God forbid my blog might be disrespectful of you MR WAR PRESIDENT.

Want further proof the president is KILLING OUR MILITARY, and saddling our grand children with untold debt and misery...over 60 percent of our military units are NOT READY to go into war...not enough training, not enough fact, it has gotten so bad, new troops still here in America do not have equipment to train with, let alone to take into battle. It is estimated that REBUILDING costs once the Bush Folly in Iraq is over will exceed TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. Saudi Arabia wants to back the Sunni...fine, let them. If these idiot Muslims want to run around car bombing and killing each other in the name of revenge, LET THEM...that's right Mr. Bush, FUCK THEM, let them DIE. Maybe after awhile they will get tired of it, and do something towards that reconciliation you keep shoving down our throats. We do not care about your DEMOCRACY BUILDING, nor your inane babble about spreading freedom. We want our troops home.

To the Congress...Bush wants $100 Billion more in emergency spending, and wants hundreds of billions more to rebuild Iran....JUST SAY NO...the time has come to UNFUND THIS GOD FORSAKEN MISTAKE, and impeach this asshole in the White House. If you needed any more reason or proof that he is a dictator in all but NAME, his absolute refusal to consider the ISG Report is all you should need. Impeach the bastard, and sentence him to death for treason to America.

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