Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Deport The BItch....State Senator's Wife Set Free

That's right, deport the BITCH...further, get rid of Senator Curt Thompson....here is an elected official who has been ignoring the will of the people, openly lobbying for ILLEGAL ALIENS in Georgia, and it turns out he's MARRIED TO ONE who should be deported. Sadly, in a perfect example of its not what you know, but who you know, strings are being PULLED to let him keep his ILLEGAL HONEY POT. Let's be honest here...if this tart were not married to a MAJOR politician, if a deal were not made in the Judges chambers, Sascha Herrera would NOT BE HAVING HER CASE REOPENED, would not be given a FREE PASS to citizenship. The bitch needs to be deported, just like the woman hiding out in Chicago in a church...illegal is illegal, and I don't care if the woman had 20 kids. She can take her son with her back to Mexico, END OF STORY, and the Senator in this story can resign and take his illegal bridge back to whatever damn Latin country she is from, as we do not need nor want her hear. WAKE UP POLITICIANS, WE DO NOT WANT ILLEGALS IN AMERICA, WE DO NOT WANT AMNESTY FOR THESE CRIMINALS.
Lawmaker's Wife Gets Deportation Reprieve
ATLANTA (Dec. 5) - The Colombia-born wife of a Georgia state senator emerged from hiding and turned herself in Tuesday to face a deportation order, but an immigration judge lifted the order and she was expected to be freed.

Sascha Herrera, 28, who had gone into hiding after the order was issued, arrived at the Martin Luther King Federal Building shortly before 8 a.m. and met with the judge and attorneys for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office.

Government lawyer Terry Bird said the judge lifted the order and agreed to reopen her case. He said she would likely be freed Tuesday pending a hearing on a petition filed by Herrera's husband, state Sen. Curt Thompson, to establish permanent residency for her. The hearing has yet to be scheduled.

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