Sunday, December 17, 2006

CNN and FOX...GET A CLUE, Enough on The Mountain Climbers

Enough On Mt Hood Rescue!
No disrespect to the families of those three men lost on the mountain, but the News Media, such as CNN and FOX, seriously need a clue. Yes, the search and rescue mission and finding one of the three climbers is sad, even tragic for the families involved. However, let us put it in some perspective.

Almost NONSTOP both CNN and FOX have covered NOTHING BUT THE RESCUE MISSION for the entire day today. FULL COVERAGE, endless drivel, the reporters hanging on each and every word, and when there were not any, replaying the few they had. Meanwhile, we lost THREE more troops in Iraq yesterday...where is the news coverage for them, for their families? We have an insane president getting ready to commit another 20-50,000 troops to the Bush Folly, yet all we get all afternoon and evening is a sad tale of WOE about three Mountain Climbers that should not have been out there in the first place.

When you put the story of the mountain climbers in perspective, it does NOT deserve the coverage it is getting. Our troops DESERVE THAT COVERAGE, the three soldiers in died in a war yesterday deserve that coverage, their families deserve that coverage, not three mountain climbers. We deserve some serious reporting on the decision the president is about to make, we deserve some coverage of the tens of thousands dying in Africa from AIDS...what we do not deserve, is NON STOP 24/7 coverage of three men who risked death because they did not have enough sense to stay in out of the cold.

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