Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wheel's Falling Off Iraq Study Group Report

My initial reading of the Iraq Study Group Report left a bad taste in my mouth as it was nothing more than "Stay The Course on Steroids" a means by which to give George Bush one last bite at the apple as he tries to shore up his position in the history books. As the week has unraveled, so too has the support for the report as one wheel after another falls off, and Baker's minions find themselves incapable of gaining forward momentum for their short, it seems the ISG Report is nothing more than a lot of wasted effort and trees.

The White House has already rejected much of the report, claiming it's to cumbersome and unworkable, even though said report embraces Bush's basic flawed tenants for fighting the war. Though the Democrats were quick to use the report as PROOF POSITIVE that Bush's policies were/are failing, they have not embrace the course called for in the report. McCain did not like the report from the start, his own time as a prisoner of war clouding his vision as he calls for more not fewer troops.

Though copies of the report have been selling like hot cakes (even though you can get it for free on the web), the ink was barely dry before Israel voiced its own short, they made it abundantly clear that the Israel/Palestinian situation had absolutely nothing to do with the problems in Iraq. Further, they had no intentions of letting Washington, or any one else force them into giving up the Golan Heights in efforts for a forced peace.

Going into the weekend, Iran spoke out stating they had NO INTEREST whatsoever in meeting with America until and if they announced their intentions to pull all troops out of Iraq. Seems they are only willing to work with America in the task of expediting the removal of our troops from Iraq, and out of the Middle East. Obviously, if Iran has no intentions of speaking with America, or cooperating with us where Iraq is concerned, we can assume also that Syria as well has not intentions of working with us, as that would require their distancing themselves from Iraq.

Now today, we have the President of Iraq Jalal Talabani rejecting the Baker Report as it is commonly known. Do the math, and it is obvious the report has already gone far beyond three strikes, and is all but DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Should be interesting waiting on the President's pre-Christmas speech on the plan forward for Iraq. Even more so if the death toll for American troops hits 3,000 before he comes before the American they say, the natives are growing restless.

Iraq president rejects Baker-Hamilton report
POSTED: 10:25 a.m. EST, December 10, 2006
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi President Jalal Talabani rejected the Iraq Study Group's report Sunday, calling it "very dangerous" to Iraq's sovereignty and constitution.

"We can smell in it the attitude of James Baker," Talabani said, referring to the report's co-chair who served as secretary of state under President George H. W. Bush during the 1991 Iraq war.

Talabani blamed Baker for leaving then-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in power after that conflict, which ousted Iraqi troops from Kuwait.

He also criticized the report for recommending a law that would allow thousands of former officials from Hussein's ousted Baath party to serve in Iraqi government posts.

The report, released Wednesday, makes 79 recommendations. Among them: Most U.S. combat troops should be withdrawn by early 2008, Iraq's vast oil wealth should be more centralized and the U.S. should launch a diplomatic offensive that would include seeking help from Iran and Syria.

"As a whole, I reject this report," Talabani said.

"I think that Baker-Hamilton is not fair, is not just, and it contains some very dangerous articles which undermine the sovereignty of Iraq and the constitution," Talabani said.

Lee Hamilton, the report's other co-chair, also served as vice chairman of the 911 Commission, which concluded that the U.S. remains ill-prepared for another terrorist attack.

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